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The Frame Bezel inhibits ambient light detection

(Topic created on: 16-01-2023 08:03 PM)

When adding the Bezel on The Frame 32' (2022), ambient light is not detected properly.  Everything is too dark.

I was running The Frame without a bezel for a couple weeks (the white bezel was on backorder, so I had to wait for it).

The TV had some issues detecting ambient light even without the bezel, but it was acceptable.  It looked like there were only 3 levels of light it could detect (like a Low, Medium, High), but at least when the lights were on, or sun was shining into the room, it would get to the 'high' brightness level, and I could get adjust the brightness in the settings so that it would display correctly when either it was sunny or lights were on vs. lights off/night time.

Now that I installed the white bezel, the ability to detect ambient light is decreased even further, so much so, that even when the lights are on in the room, it won't detect enough light to put it in the 'high' brightness mode.  Now, it only has two levels of light detection, so I have to either jack up the brightness on the TV to make it look correct when the lights are on/sun is shining into the room, but once the lights are off (and the sun is up, but not dark), it stays super bright.

I found this post, which talks about how there aren't enough levels of light detection on the range of brightness/sensitivity of the sensor, which I think applies to me:

I also don't understand how/why the official Samsung Bezel (which is the whole point of getting this TV) interferes with the light sensor, so much so that it makes the Art look unrealistic in 90% of scenarios, because it can't detect the right light levels anymore.

Is there any way that this can get fixed?

If the sensor on the TV is covered/obstructed by the Samsung Bezel, is there any way to use a 3rd party sensor (via SmartThings perhaps) to send the light levels within the room to the TV, so that it can adjust accordingly?

I'd much rather have a way to better tweak the brightness settings based on the levels that the TV is detecting (more steps in detection and more range in fine tuning), but even having a 3rd party way to provide the TV with more ambient light information would be helpful in getting this to work correctly.

The whole point of this TV is so that in ART mode it doesn't look like a TV, but adding the Samsung Bezel and limited range via the built in light detection and software seems to not allow it to work correctly.


I am having the same exact problem.  I was thinking of getting exchanging mine for white bezel but I guess that is a problem too.  I've never been so disappointed in a purchase.


I feel like the solution to the problem shouldn't be too difficult to achieve via a software update.  If Art Mode could make the ranges of detected brightness smaller, effectively increasing the number of configurable steps, then it would be easier to fine tune the brightness displayed, when the sensor can't properly detect the full range of light in a room