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The Frame 2019 vs 2020 TV

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I am considering The Frame as I want a low profile TV that will sit flush to the wall and the One Connect box is an advantage given that I don’t have services & cabling behind proposed position. I am wondering if there are many advantages that justify the extra price tag of the new 2020 sets over the 2019?


I would not recomend the Frame had a Samsung before was excellent, the frame is smart but with so little memory and so many built in apps you can not use the ambient and artwork features.

Better to buy a £600 tv at ASDA and pay a carpenter to make a smart frame £300. You will save yourself 600.


I can't fault it as a TV, but the equivalent TV is half the price.  I'm also sure that there are many better options out there at the same price point as The Frame.

If you're interested in it because of the Art Mode functionality as well, don't waste your time.  Read the many threads here and elsewhere complaining about the lack of basic functionality and usability.

There is simply no way I could recommend anyone to buy The Frame as it is anywhere near it's current price point.

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