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The frame 2019 ambient mode



Does the Frame 2019 have ambient mode as well as Art mode. It would be good if it had both. 

It is the same manual for various models....the frame ...the serif...and the serif has ambient

Are you able to provide us with your TV model and software version and tell us where did you purchase the TV so we can raise this with the relevant department?



I have a UK The Frame 2019.


I understand that it has art mode not ambient mode but I believe the 2018 model has both and it would be good if the 2019 added ambient mode too.



Hi! The model is: QE55LS03RAUXXH, and the sofware version is: T-MSMEDUC-1325.1, B4970101/070204, BT-S. This is the latest Samsug Frame TV model (2019.), and the latest software (no upgrade available) so please raise this with the relevant department.


Thanks @Lapadopo and @Massig . I have now raised this and one of our colleagues or myself will be back to you when we have an answer. 


Have a nice day.


I couldn't agree more. Art mode is cool, don't get me wrong (and it's primary function), but I feel I would get more practical use from the Ambient Modes.

it also gives me regret that it seems like every other Samsung QLED can display artwork too. So I ended up with a TV that can only display art - and has a subscription fee, and if you want it to look like a picture you have to shell out additional cash for a cosmetic frame...


The real question is can you forward this as some type of suggestion to be added to our TVs, or find out if it's on the roadmap to add? I'm worried that 2020 Is right around the corner and Samsung will start to focus on the new lineup.


I can't see why this couldn't be a firmware update to bring it online with the other Samsung QLED TVs.


Same issue with missing Ambient Mode - QN55LS03RAF

Samsung, please support the customer that have supported you. I purchased the Frame TV planning on using ART Mode and Ambient Mode.  I have an art subscription now it is your turn to support us!

Just noticed there is a new firmware online today
Model : RU8000, Q60RA, Q70RA, Q80RA, Q90RA, Q900RB, LS03, LS01

- Version : 1335.0

- Improved usability
1. Improved browser performance
2. Improved app performance
3. Improved stability
4. Improved usability of input devices
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