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Smart TV not connecting to internet

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When I first set up my Smart TV it connected to wifi straight away. The next time I turned it on it still recognised the wifi but couldn't connect to internet. I tried it with a wired connection which worked first time but again, the next time I turned on the TV it can't connect to the internet. I am with BT using their Smarthub.  I've tried changing DNS to and but no change. Please help.


Connection varies by day, hour and minute. There is no consistency of timing but only that sometimes i have a working TV and sometimes i don't. 

One thing is for sure; never a Samsung TV again!!


I have a similar problem - my wifi used to work up until two days ago.

Changing the dns to manual and trying and didn't help, as the porblem seems to be that tv couldn't see ANY wireless network. Oddly enough, it conected via wifi direct like a charm, so I could still use my mobile device as a remote (it disconects whenewer I try finding wifi networks, so there is a single wifi chip and it's working, partialy at least).

Model is UE40JU6072 - 2016 40 inch 4k smart hub tv...


I've now bought 2 signal boosters and the issue remains. Funny how my Samsung galaxy picks up 25mbs without issue and yet the TV struggles to maintain 12! Next step is to run a really long cable to the TV. But wait, i may as well use a PlayStation or freeview box and that would have saved me £1000.


Well having experienced this issue tonight on my model UE40F8000STXXU, this thread is one of many to have been found by a brief google search. Sadly neither a factory reset has resolved the issue, nor has the oft cited trick of using openly provided DNS server such as those provided by google.


I can confirm that I have internet running through the CAT5e cable my TV uses, having tested it in my laptop which then has internet immediately and without issue.


Other devices are all cabled-in and accessing internet without issue. I have made zero administrative changes on my home network to cause a change that could cause an issue and all wireless devices are still connected happily. The Samsung TV will also not connect wirelessly - both wired and wireless connect to the network but not internet apparently.


Interestingly the TV is able to communicate enough with the router to pull through all automatic settings, which are the settings being used successfully by all of the other devices on the network (save for MAC address and IP address of course).


I did see an old forum thread on CNET claiming that there if Samsung's servers are down or cannot be found despite you actually having internet access, it would result in the message that you have no internet access when you in fact do, it is just a matter of waiting for this issue to be rectified - however as noted thatn post is old and unconfirmed. Can anyone or a Samsung representative pass comment on this issue?




Had the exact same problem this evening. All other devices are working and i've been through an extensive process with my internet provider finding no issues.


Have made no changes to anything to do with the internet, just came home tonight and it wont connect to either wifi or wired internet. 1st time I've ever had this issue.


The TV, like yours, seems able to connect to the router no problems just then cant connect to the internet through the router.


If it is what youve said re. samsung servers i guess i shall just have to hope that it works again tomorrow/ soon?




Hi confused101


I suppose all i know at the moment is that my local network is fine and has internet, but for whatever reason, the TV can no longer make use of it where it could yeesterday.


I have 3 guesses going through my mind right now:


1. Connectivity is routed some form of intrinsic service or requires a Samsung server to operational/contactable so that the error regarding no internet is not (erroneously?) displayed. Maybe something is down or broken/misrouted Samsung's side, however this guess is only based on a very old post on another unofficial site.


2. My TV has some form of hardware issue with its network card or software, although that seems unlikely, due to: 1. It being able to communicate happily with the router enough to pull through correct automatic settings data 2. Yourself having the exact same issue tonight. 3. It having always worked perfectly up until now 4. I have already performed a factory reset on the software - Just 'unlikely' though not impossible I guess.


3. My firmware has become out of date to the extent it can no longer have the correct software/settings to communicate properly - to this end I have just installed the newest firmware upgrade onto a USB stick and plan to upgrade to it to see if that helps when next I get the opportunity. Available with instructions (but obviously for my model of TV) here:


It should allow others to see how to go about searching for and finding firmware for their devices though.


Anyhow - totally perplexed right now, but in a strange way glad to see someone else struggling with this. UK based Plusnet Fibre customer here btw.


This has literally happened to me this evening! I don't know if it's a Samsung TV thing today! I've changed the DNS settings or I've reset my whole TV and still nothing has happened. I don't know what to do.


Have the same issue tonight...

Spoke to US chat serveci and got info that they do have some issue on their end... Hopefully it will be resolved soon...


About why "Internet is not working" when Samsung servers have issue is something I would not comment at all, especially after the GDPR :winking-face:


Same issue here guys, network says.

Connected to network but not connected to internet ?? 


I've tried Wi-Fi and wired. Tried changing the DNS code and nothing. 


Will try to contact Samsung if I can even find a way to do that in the morning . 


I thought it may have been my Wi-Fi adapter from googling Wi-Fi issues on the web. 


Anyway hopefully we all get sorted soon. 


A slight sense of relief as I’m having exactly the same problem.

looks like we shall have to wait and see.

re check in the morning

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