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Smart Remote repeat issues

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I have a 2 month old 65 inch MU9000. Last week nothing on the remote would work except for the power button. After unplugging the tv and plugging it back in all worked.  Two days later this occurred again. After lengthy call with Samsung I got no where other than the same fix. Today makes three times in a week. When trying to manually pair it finds no devices. When I push a button the little red light blinks for a few seconds and that’s it. 

I have direct tv and sonos play bar connected to the one connect box. 

The software is up to date. 

Any ideas? Is this a remote issue or a tv issue?

thanks you for any help. 


Let's try a reset on the Smart Remote @PMGinNY. Press and hold the return/source button on the remote for 10 seconds. This will reset the Smart Remote. You'll then need to re-pair it to the TV. Let us know how it goes.


Hi Chris- thank you for the reply.  Unfortunately i had tried this prior to the last occurrence of the issue.  However, let me give you one update...the issue has not resurfaced in the last few days but i notice every day that the red light on the top of the remote is almost constantly flashing.  I am not sure what this means but it happens when the TV is off.  Three days ago i got a notice on screen that my remote batteries were low (even though they were very new batteries).  I changed them but the flashing continues.


Lastly- after a call to Samsung they did send me a new remote. At the moment i have not done anything with the new remote because the original one has worked for a few days now with no issue (although i remain skeptical).  I guess i will have to call Samsung to figure out how to "unpair" current remote and start using new one? But i am not sure if what i describe is in fact a remote or TV issue.  Thx for your help


Well...after original remote stopped working again I connected the replacement remote sent by Samsung.  Two days later and the remote will not work (other than power on/off). The tv finds no device when trying to pair. I can only get it working by unplugging the tv and then plug it back on. 


So so disappointed with this. I will try calling Samsung back and demanding they help me. I don’t know what the heck is causing this. 


I give up! New remote lost connection with the tv yet again. Resolved by unplugging tv. Clearly some issue with the tv that cannot be resolved. I think I need a new tv. How will Samsung address this?




The Smart Remote uses, as you know, Bluetooth, except for turning on and off the TV, that uses normal infra red, so this points to a problem with the Bluetooth side.  Given you have had a second remote do the same thing, we can be fairly confident the remote isn't the problem.


It could be interference, try moving the One connect box to another location for testing, also ensure you are using good quality fresh batteries just to rule those out.


Is the remote kept in the same room all the time so it can keep paired up?


If problems still persist it is likely a fault with Bluetooth in the TV.






Thx for the reply Phil. 


Yes brand and new brand name batteries multiple times. And yes the remote has never left the room. 


The one connect box sits on top of my direct tv receiver with nothing else near it. Besides dtv the only things connected to one connect is a sonos play bar via the audio optical and a blue ray player. 


I actually didnt know the tv could have a Bluetooth problem. Is that fixable via remote intervention from Samsung?


thx again. 


Thx for the reply Phil.

The OneConnect box sits on top of my Direct TV receiver- could that really be an issue?  The only other things connected to OneConnect is the Sonos Playbar (via optical audio) and a Blue Ray Player.

The remote never leaves the room and it has fresh brand name batteries.


I actually didnt know the TV could have bluetooth issues- is this fixable in any way by Samsung?

Thx for your help!

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I am having exactly the issues and its my first and last Samsung TV. Ridiculous situation that is all over internet as a known issue. I have spent countles hours (no exageration) trying to use the TV including constantly unplugging from the wall and i’m lucky if it lasts 8 hours before the dreaded flashing red light again.


Ugh man that sucks! I got so frustrated that I gave up. I found an old Samsung remote that had all the buttons I needed and just started using that...annoying that I had to settle for that on a brand new tv. Ironically I picked up the remote after a few months and it worked.....for a day. 

I assume the only real fix is a tv replacement, did you get any better info or insight?

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