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Smart Remote repeat issues

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I have a 2 month old 65 inch MU9000. Last week nothing on the remote would work except for the power button. After unplugging the tv and plugging it back in all worked.  Two days later this occurred again. After lengthy call with Samsung I got no where other than the same fix. Today makes three times in a week. When trying to manually pair it finds no devices. When I push a button the little red light blinks for a few seconds and that’s it. 

I have direct tv and sonos play bar connected to the one connect box. 

The software is up to date. 

Any ideas? Is this a remote issue or a tv issue?

thanks you for any help. 


I nave the same problem with a month old TV!!!


Just turn off possible


I have the same problem here... any update? 


Hi, yes I'm another unhappy chap with a simular issue. Ive a MU7070 tv with a Samsung HW-H750 soundbar. 

Not going into too much, I believe with all my research into my issues which is;  Samsung MU7070 tv not connecting with soundbar and smart remote.

Ive done everything and tried everything from unplugging, holding buttons, etc etc.

I BELIEVE THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH SOME 2016/17 models with bluetooth connectivity due to a firmware bug!! 

I yet havnt bothered contacting Samsung because they dont seam to help with what I have read with others having simular issues. 

I just hope that Samsung can find this firmware issue and we can move on!!!

I'm not sure yet but I think that when the tv warms up or when the room temp has warmed up I seem to have better success of connection?? 

Usually when tv has been on say half hr, i just simply power on the soundbar again manually and all is good with the bluetooth connectivity once again thus smart remote works. This doesnt always work but has prooved my best quick fix for now!!

Totally not relivent to this issue directly, I have to say I bought my soundbar together with my previous tv back in Jan 2015 and had a 49" Samsung HU7000 but after 2 yrs there was a fault with the tv fan and I spent lots of time and energy to get the tv fixed without any help what so ever with Samsung. I couldnt believe that a tv being just 2 yrs old that you cant by a fan. Partmaster discontinued parts for this tv after just 18 month after its prediseccor!! 

So I bought another Samsung TV, being my current set. So within less than 4 yrs im on my 2nd Samsung tv with this second one having bluetooth connection issues 😕




I have the same issue. My NU8000 was purchased a few months ago and has done this ever since I bought it. The remote usually pairs the first time but it’s frustrating. I figured it was because I have another Samsung smart TV on the other side of the same wall (bedroom) but it appears not.   That TV works fine so maybe I’ll try using that remote. 


Also, my new Samsung soundbar doesn’t always automatically pair. I have to go into sound settings on the TV. The echoing is annoying. 


All my my electronics are Samsung and I’ve never had such repeated issues. 


Samsung, should I send the TV back?


Any luck ever getting this resolved?


I haven’t received any information from Samsung. 


My issue has been resolved by Samsung. They fitted a new wifi unit onto the tv as the bluetooth part is on the same part as the wifi modual.

Everything connecting properly with regards to my soundbar and smart remote and mine was a bluetooth issue.

I have to say in my case it wasnt a groolling job contacting Samsung and all was fixed very quickly.

Wow. I bet that’s what I need. Did a tech have to come replace the part? I wish they would have know that a year ago when I called complaining of the issue I still have. My year long work around has been to just use an old Samsung remote I had laying around.

Yes was all fixed in my home and the appointment was quick to arrange i think it was like just a couple of days once i got a duplicate of proof of purchase. 

Now all is good I decided to grab a pair of Samsung M3 multiroom speakers to go with my soundbar and all work very well together as they should.

As soon as the engineer came out, he went into the service menu and that told him there were 100 bluetooth connection faults recorded and luckily enough the engineer had a new wifi/bluetooth modual with him. Although he did state if he hadnt have one with him it would only take 2 or 3 days for it to arrive so worst case could take upto a wk to repair from proof of purchase.

Hope you get the problem sorted and get that smart remote going again.



I am facing exactly the same issue. Need a solution.

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