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Smart Remote not available message

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Having an issue with the Smart Remote for my 6 week old UE55KU6450 with HW-K450 Soundbar.  The Smart Remote worked fine, got back from holiday yesterday and now only the On/OFF Button works and I have tried the following;


1. Repair Remote - Changed batteries and then holding the Return & Exit buttons for 3 seconds.  Message Not Available appears

2. Factory Reset - Still unable to repair the remote

3. Reset Remote (Samsung Support)  - Removed batteries from remote for 20+ sec's, replaced. Message Not Available appears

4. Reset Remote (YouTube) - While holding the ON/OFF Button follow step 3. Message Not Available appears

5. IR Test - Using a camera phone, point remote and see if 2 red lights appear. 

6. Perform Rain Dance around remote - Message Not Available appears :winking-face:


Any assistance would be appreciated





I have this same problem, and none of these solutions make any sense.. 


1. I examined the remote with a digital camera and its light is flashing endlessly. Pointing it at the TV IMMEDIATELY throws up a not available message. 

2. It's an IR remote, obviously, and not bluetooth, so it doesn't pair. None of the retart solutions did anything. 

3. Pressing any button turns OFF the light while the button is pressed, like the output is backwards. 


What's the deal here? how do i fix this? 

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I tried hitting it, changing the batteries, powering off the TV and holding the BACK and PAUSE buttons while it powered on, unplugging my TV, and accessing the Universal Remote settings via my iPhone.  None of that worked.  What worked was simply holding the power button down on the remote for 5 seconds.  My TV powered off and back on -- in TV mode rather than Netflix, where it was before -- and the remote started working again.


I have tried all of the above, still only the on/off button is working. Any suggestions?

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Mine stopped working and won’t pair or recognize my Fios Cable box now.


i have the same problem how was it resolved for you



BINGO! Tried everything else that was suggested and yours WORKED!!! Bryan, the real MVP. 


Hello, did you find a solution for your problem with the smart remote? I have the same issues like you.

Greetings -Bart-

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