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Smart Remote not available message

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Having an issue with the Smart Remote for my 6 week old UE55KU6450 with HW-K450 Soundbar.  The Smart Remote worked fine, got back from holiday yesterday and now only the On/OFF Button works and I have tried the following;


1. Repair Remote - Changed batteries and then holding the Return & Exit buttons for 3 seconds.  Message Not Available appears

2. Factory Reset - Still unable to repair the remote

3. Reset Remote (Samsung Support)  - Removed batteries from remote for 20+ sec's, replaced. Message Not Available appears

4. Reset Remote (YouTube) - While holding the ON/OFF Button follow step 3. Message Not Available appears

5. IR Test - Using a camera phone, point remote and see if 2 red lights appear. 

6. Perform Rain Dance around remote - Message Not Available appears :winking-face:


Any assistance would be appreciated





If all else fails (even the rain dance), just get a new remote -- A new remote should resolve the issue.


Hi there, how did you get the keyboard on screen when using the jog controller?



Use the joystick on the back of the TV to get to diagnostics.  Bottom selection.


Default code if never setup 0000

After the TV reset my Smart Hub remot and Soundbar worked just as before.

What joystick on the back??? Mine don't have it.


Try adjusting volume on your Samsung remote. Worked for me.


Hey I solved this issue by using the Samsung SmartThings app. I connect my IPhone to my tv when I first got it so I am unsure if you will need the remote to select something on your tv to pair your phone. I believe it just connects to the tv if both the phone and the tv are connected to the same internet. Anyway I used the remote on the app to go to Source then Universal Remote. A screen will load up that says Start and Exit. I pressed the power button on my remote on this screen and problem solved. I can use my remote again. 


Do do this after performing the “Rain Dance” btw 😀

It work for me , but what is the long term solution for this issue?

You have to hold down the power button for 5 seconds 


This worked for me! Thanks!

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I unplugged my TV and plugged it back in and my remote started working correctly again.


Turn off!      > Then Turn On Quickly -Hold (Pairing Buttons) > wait For Tv To Come On Wait a Few Seconds.

Should Now Be Paired.

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