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Shadow on Samsung TV Screen

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I have a Samsung TV (Model Code UE55KU6500) which I bought approximately 3 years ago. 

The TV has recently developed a dark VERTICAL shadow in the middle of the screen from top to bottom

I contacted Samsung who advised me to contact their recommended repair company.

I contacted the repair company who advised that it is not uncommon for this issue to occur and the repair cost is £600 for a new screen. Given the fact that the TV is not exacly old I was really shocked by the repair cost.

Has anyone else in the Samsung Community experienced this issue please  and I would welcome any feedback on the best way to resolve this matter.

Thank You




Hi @PaulM13 


Did our Support team run through any troubleshooting steps with you to try to resolve the issue?


Same issue with my 65 inch quoted over £900 to fix, its less than 2.5 years old.

Totally unacceptable! Just look on this community or google the symptoms. There are 100s of instances of this issue.

Clearly a major design flaw with Samsung.

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