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Samsung UE40ES6300 TV will not find or connect to wireless network


I also have a Samsung UE40ES6300 TV and yesterday it suddenly stopped finding my or any other wireless nestworks. 


I have reset the router, factory reset the TV and it still won't find any wireless networks. I suspect the wireless card in the TV has failed. 


I also have a UE40ES5500 TV and that suffered the power cycling issue. We paid to have that fixed, but then over time found that Amazon Prime, Netflix etc were no longer supported and the apps were removed from the TV without any warning. We bought the Smart TV for those services and similar services and to find that within a year or so, services were just removed is appalling. 


I suggest that someone from Samsung contacts me to explain or resolve the issues above, because as it stands at the moment I do not rate Samsung build quality, longevity in service, or customer service highly at all. I will not buy any Samsung products again - that goes for TVs, consumer products, mobile phones, tablets or PCs. Someone at Samsung needs to realise that these are expensive items and the fact that they just fail after a year or so in service is not good enough. They seem to treat these items as disposable items with a working lifespan of 1 year. 


Hi @BrandonRB.


Does a wired connection to your router work?


And regarding apps, the TV's Smart Hub is only the host: the decision to remove support (and when) for an app for a particular model lies primarily at the app developer end.



Hi AntS,


The TV is not close to the router so it is not easy to check, but I suspect not. I will try it tonight if you think it worthwhile. It seems that network card failure is quite common on these TVs.


Regarding the Apps, the Samsung box the TVs came in clearly had the Netflix and (I think) the Amazon logos on, as well as many others which are now no longer supported in the 5500. The TV was clearly marketed as a SMART TV (at least it says so when you turn it on.


The 5500 also used to play music files (.m4a) from my music library and thes are now no longer supported. 


What is the difference between the Smarthub on the 6300 and 5500 which makes the difference? Can the Smarthub on the 5500 be updated to match that of the 6300.





Any response?

Did you manage to check whether the TV works with a wired connection to your router?


If you're still having trouble with this, we recommend speaking to our Technical Team who will be able to run through some diagnostics with you. They can be contacted on 0330 726 7864, full contact information can be found here.


The 6300 is a higher spec TV, so it does include different features. TV updates can be found on their Support Pages, check them out here: UE40ES6300 UE40ES5500

I agree. I have a UE46ES800 and same thing happened to me yesterday. I did a software update and now the TV can't locate my BT wifi router (in same room). It's asking for a wired connection. I did a factory reset, all that you have done. Problem not sorted. I e spent all day on line reading the exact same complaints by people owning Samsung smart TVs and the lack of interest by Samsung. Stock answer seems to be "pay a Samsung service centre to come out and effect a repair". Repair ? Why ???? My tv is four years old, and Ive never had a problem with it, u til the software update this weekend.

Yesterday, I spent a good deal of time on the phone, being led through the procedures I had completed by  Samsung technical support. 


Apparently the wireless card has failed, so I was given the telephone number of the local repair Agent. The TV still works on a wired connection.


It seems that anything more than a year old requires replacing. I too think it must be an update that has failed, rather than the wireless card just stopping working. 

Thanks for this info BrandonRB.  Tomorrow a Samsung engineer is calling to fit a new wifi card at my house.  There was nothing else I could do. Total cost UK£ 180.00.  I am so angry about this.  I will never software update my tv again. 


He says he hasn't heard of any cases where an update has caused the wifi card to blow. (he is located in the back of beyond.  However he was able to diagnose the problem immediately from our phone conversation.  Hmmmm ?



New wifi card fitted today.  Does not work.  Still the TV will not connect to the wireless network.

Spoke to Samsung technical services, referred back to local sa sung TV engineer. Grrrr...
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