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Samsung UE40ES6300 TV will not find or connect to wireless network


I also have a Samsung UE40ES6300 TV and yesterday it suddenly stopped finding my or any other wireless nestworks. 


I have reset the router, factory reset the TV and it still won't find any wireless networks. I suspect the wireless card in the TV has failed. 


I also have a UE40ES5500 TV and that suffered the power cycling issue. We paid to have that fixed, but then over time found that Amazon Prime, Netflix etc were no longer supported and the apps were removed from the TV without any warning. We bought the Smart TV for those services and similar services and to find that within a year or so, services were just removed is appalling. 


I suggest that someone from Samsung contacts me to explain or resolve the issues above, because as it stands at the moment I do not rate Samsung build quality, longevity in service, or customer service highly at all. I will not buy any Samsung products again - that goes for TVs, consumer products, mobile phones, tablets or PCs. Someone at Samsung needs to realise that these are expensive items and the fact that they just fail after a year or so in service is not good enough. They seem to treat these items as disposable items with a working lifespan of 1 year. 


Look in the samsung refund thread and send it back


Having similar problems with my ES6300 TV, I contacted Samsung in Nov 2017 using only to be responded with an automated email

"Dear Customer, 

Thank you for contacting Samsung Support.   

We have received your email and the attached file within. 

We are working hard to answer this enquiry to your satisfaction. Please allow 5 to 7 days for us to process your request. Should there be any additional requirements, a member of our helpful support team will be in contact with you shortly.  

In the meanwhile, we are available on 0330 726 7864 (UK) or 0818 717 100 (EIRE) for any questions.  

Samsung Support"

After receiving no response - I escalated my complate to the "Executive customer services team, Chief Executive Officer" using resolver - again , thsi resulted with no response.


after various reminders, I decided in April to open another case file using resolver, and this I received a response, basically saying I need an enginer out to fix the fault. Highlighting this forum thread to them shaowing them that other users had teh same problem, and enginners had failed to fix the problem - and again escaleted th eproblem to the "Excutive customer services team".


Their latest response is...


"We understand that your TV  still cannot connect to Wi-Fi even after exhausting all the recommended troubleshooting steps We have not received any reports from our engineers that this is a known issue. Just so you’re aware, if you have any questions about how we Samsung Electronics UK Limited, use your personal information you can find out more at This may include using your personal data to provide support related updates and assess and improve the way we support our customers, including carrying out customer satisfaction surveys. Know that your TV has undergone rigorous process of quality checks and tests before being released, yet we appreciate that you previously provided a link for our reference so that we can conduct a separate investigation on our end.


We at Samsung go to great lengths during the manufacturing design of each product to ensure exceptional performance and reliability. However, despite these efforts, it is unfortunately not possible to eradicate all potential failure and we have to concede to a point that faults will still occur. With this in mind, each product is supplied with a warranty which protects it against such potential failure, within the terms and duration of the warranty. Your TV does come with a Samsung standard warranty for one year or 12 months based on manufacturing and purchase dates,and any extended warranty beyond one year is a retailer's promotion. If you have considered the repair, we have local engineers, trained by Samsung, who can also fully help you in fixing your TV. Our authorised support centres and engineers can help you on confirming if the TV will still be repairable or if it is no longer repairable.


If you require additional support, please contact us on 0330 726 7864 (UK) or 0818 717 100 (EIRE), or respond to this email and we will be more than happy to help. "


They are denying that the fault is a known problem !


Basically its a case of - you purchase our product, we've got your money - so tough luck !




Thanks for your message and info.

My wf-fi option still doesn't work, even after updating the software again via LAN, so I'm now just using a plugged in network cable.

I agree that there seems to be a general problem with these cards and will contact Samsung to let them know.



I have the same issue on 55UE8000, it does not see any wifi networks around, despite router next to it. No option to change WiFi area code. Samsung have a software issue I think, but won't be bothered to offer solution. Has anybody played with IP address details; or know the hidden menu commands ?


As a "Computer Geek Buddy", I get dragged to my mate's house regularly. Last night we spent a good couple of hours trying to get his 46es8000 to connect up to the Internet.  Absolutely no joy at all. Neither wireless, nor LAN cable connections get us anywhere. He recently switched from Sky to Virgin, and has a brand new, black Virgin Hub3 router sitting right beside the TV. He is "pretty sure" the Sammy has not "done the Internet thing" since Virgin was installed, and that it was fine beforehand. Hmmm. I have my doubts... I've seen what he does to computers! Heheh. I reckon the timing of his problems is coincidental. Maybe. Anyways up, the Hub seems to work absolutely fine (despite plentiful claims on a multitude of forums that it's to blame). All wireless toys (phones and laptops), connect up instantly. Connect a laptop by LAN cable and it works, No Problemo! All I have left to try are a couple of the DNS tweaks that are being thrown around as answers... and I'm only gonna try those as possible ways of getting around what seems (to me), to be the obvious problem - the built-in "Call Home Handshake" that these TVs apparently carry out. The server - side software/local firmware don't seem to like each other. So, I reckon it's a Roku plug-in thats required. While we wait for a firmware update. Mind you - he has an LG TV in his bedroom. Couldn't test that last night as his Missus was in bed!  Waiting to find out how that works! 

First Poster

I have found a workaround for this issue.


I bought a WiFi range extender from Amazon for £20, as I initially thought the signal was not reaching the tv for some reason.


The range extender made no difference, but then I realised I could plug it into the TV using a network cable (I had one in an old broadband router box), to make a wired (rather than wireless) connection.


It works a treat!  It is plugged in next to the TV plug, and I only need switch it on when I want to watch something on Netflix etc.


I guess there is a fault with the wireless card, but a £20 fix is better than paying £100+ for Samsung to come and shake their head! 


I just spoke to an oline Samsung Chat Advisor and it was an update issue in the Smart Hub.  Had to go to updates but not look for new updates, go to the Alternative Updates, it upgraded to a new version and works a treat!


Possible to post a copy of the chat transcript.


I've wasted over £200 to have my TV looked at, with the fault still there, and always said it was due a software update.


Still waiting for CEO of Samsung to contact me.


So at first I couldn't get the TV to connect to the wireless at all but I think I was only trying to connect to the network in the Smart Hub.  When I said (see chat transcript below) it actually said it was connected, I went to my Settings Menu from just the Freeview TV Playing and tried to connect but it said it couldn't connect.  Then when I went back into the settings when the chat agent asked, it said it was connected.  As soon as I tried hitting the Hub Button it would then say the Network Error you aren't connected bit again. Here is the Chat Transcript as requested:  

Hope it helps - but maybe my issue is different to yours.


Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time
Start: 2018-11-15 10:25:28
Queue: 02|TV, Home Cinema & Blu-ray
Name: Jodi
Model: UE40ES6300UXXU
Serial-No.: Z9L33SKD1010


10:25:31Wireless won't connect although it sees the wireless network and I can put the password in. I can't seem to download apps either
10:25:32Welcome to Samsung Support. Please allow me a moment to read through your enquiry.
10:26:02Hi Jodi, my name is Airel from Samsung Chat Support. I'll be happy to assist you.
10:26:44Thank you
10:27:00I'll be happy to assist you on checking why your TV will not connect to your Wi-Fi.
10:27:06And just to let you know I’ll just capture some details so I can assist you, will that be okay?
10:28:13Just so you’re aware, if you have any questions about how we Samsung Electronics UK Limited, use your personal information you can find out more at This may include using your personal data to provide support related updates and assess and improve the way we support our customers, including carrying out customer satisfaction surveys.
10:28:29Alright, do you have access to your TV?
10:29:29Yes I do
10:30:28Perfect, may I ask when did you notice the problem?
10:30:54a month or so ago but haven't had time to sort it out
10:31:24Just been watching free view but I want to be able to watch netflix and amazon prime and bbc iplayer etc
10:32:48I am sorry to hear that but have you tried resetting the TV?
10:33:19Factory Reset
10:34:55Okay, let's check your network settings.
10:35:17Kindly go to Menu > Network > Network Status > IP settings.
10:36:52May I know what you see on it?
10:37:48Ok now it says the wireless network is connected and the IP settings are set to "Get Automatically"
10:38:41but if I go to the Smart hub a window comes up that says Network is Not Connected. Check Network Setting to use Internet Services (ERROR_MODEL_BIND)
10:39:09Alright, that means we need to update the TV software.
10:39:43To update the software, just go to Menu > Support > Software Update > Alternative Software.
10:41:05ok, it says upgrade upgrade from version 001040nto version 002007
10:41:42Press ok please.
10:42:52its turned on and off
10:43:34Alright, that means you have succesfully updated the software Jodi. I'm feeling that we will resolve it once it turns on.
10:44:29ok its on 🙂
10:44:41Alright, please try to use your apps.
10:46:01some policy things popped up
10:46:17it says smart hub needs updating
10:46:17Awesome, please agree to it.
10:46:25and its starting
10:46:36ohhh all sorts happening now!
10:46:50its deleting services
10:46:58Perfect! We got it sorted.
10:47:16Rest assured you will be able to use the apps now.
10:47:34But just to make sure please try your favorite apps
10:47:48How do I download apps?
10:48:02.Just go to Smart Hub and select Samsung Apps.
10:48:56ok thank you
10:49:15You are welcome. Glad that I was able to answer your inquiry for today. Will there be anything else?
10:49:55No thank you, I think that's it!!
10:50:31Enjoy using you apps now, Jodi.
10:50:35Thank you for chatting with Samsung Support and once again my name is Airel. You can also find How-To videos, answers to your questions and other useful information about Samsung products on our Support website To leave this session, press the “Close” button at the top right. Have a great day ahead.


Thanks.....  My TV was working fine with 002007 then it updated itself to 002008.


Hopefully Samsung support will now admit to my TV not having a hardware fault andcthat it was in fact their software fault causing the problem.


I had requested for them to ''rollback' the firmware to a version that was working, but they refused - hence I send a complaint off to their CEO but this has been ignored. Now will revisit my complaint and hopefully have it redolved.

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