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Samsung Smart TV Airplay function not working

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I have just gotten a new update on my samsung tv 2018 version, there is additional menu "Airplay settings", however although its "on", my mac doest detect the airplay display. Both mac and tv are on the same WIFI as I can use chromecast.


I have tried to plug off the tv and turn on again, still the same, I am on update 1251.

TV Model : UA49NU7100


Any idea?


Both your iPhones should be updated to the latest iOS version.
Your tv should be up to date also. Check the support page on your specific tv model to see what the latest firmware version is for you tv.
 All devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network. and the same frequency. (2.4 / 5ghz)


 if it still doesn't work then you should call Apple and make sure your device is capable of using airplay 2 (this is the technology Samsung TVs use)


I have the 15.1 update on my iMac and am current on my iPhone 10(13.1.2).

It worked once from computer. Can't get it to work from phone. Went into settings to make sure airplay was on(it is). Still no luck. Thanks @Samsung.

Tv was bought on 11.29.2019 from Costco 55 inch. BTW, Vizio app is much better than Samsung's.

Ageed. The app is poor and the performance is overall very clunky. Airplay is hit or miss. The intermittent nature makes it impossible to troubleshoot. Apple blames Samsung and Samsung blames Apple. Really poor customer service situation. 

I got off the phone with Samsung just now. Somehow, my computer disconnected from wifi. I reconnected it, voila. It works. Not sure if this helps, but go into settings, network, and make sure you are connected.

Same issue. I have 65", 7 series, 2019.  latest update. Just spent an hour with Samsung tech and basically went thru everything. All is where it should be (Mac pro with latest update as well), but still does not works. The tech guy basically told me that Apple need to update their software to include the Samsung TV. ??? I guess this is false advertisement when it says " Airplay 2 compatible" ?? This TV will go back to Costco...

My experience of Samsung has been somewhat disappointing and their customer service is very underwhelming even though they respond quickly. 

I have a QE55Q67RATXXU. I did have a Q90 soundbar which, has now gone back to Richersounds (who I do recommend). I bought the soundbar and took a chance on it after reading a number of poor reviews. Long story short, all the issues listed on the forums were exactly what I experienced. Samsung, have never admitted to there being a problem with it. 

Back to the tv. I too have issues with Airplay and it's usability. I have had this working briefly previously, I think pre latest update. However, I cannot stream BT sports from my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I struggle to get YouTube to connect but found a workaround using the link to tv with a code option. I also have now managed to get the photos from my iPhone to connect to the tv. But even this involved turning on and off the AirPlay app within the Samsung menu. Airplay simply will not play using the menu; airplay; connect to Samsung QE55 tv. 

Hey there - just purchased 9 (yes, nine!) Samsung QLED Q60's from Costco for my financial planning firm. We live and die using Airplay and bought these due to the built-in Airplay, saving us from having to get 9 more AppleTV's to Airplay our presentations in client meetings. At first, it worked fine, but after a week and out-of-the-blue, none of the TV's were showing up on any of our Apple products for Airplay purposes.  What happenended? We all run the latest Mojave 10.14.6 and literally nothing changed from the moment it worked this morning up until now. Please help!

I'm going to test mine again today but if Samsung don't do something about it soon I'll send the tv back and move on to another manufacturer. 

Return and by LG. I bought my Samsung(same model as you) after my LG died. Had it 5 years and airplay worked perfectly. Airplay on Samsung is a nightmare. If you factory reset and resign into your modem, it will work for a bit. But, it will stop again. Return while you can.

Great advice!  What model LG did you buy?  Can you send me a link?  I need 4 x 55", 2 x 80ish, and 2 x 65" -- these are all for my small business. We depend on functional Airplay. 

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