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Q9FN Image Issues Assistance Required

(Topic created on: 20-05-2019 01:28 PM)
First Poster

Hi Guys, first time poster here and i really would appreciate some expert advice. 


I have been  playing Red Dead Redemption 2 using my One X over the weekend, and found the blacks to look terrible.

To show I took an in game photo where you can see what i would describe as a halo which can be seen quite easily.

In contrast i uploaded the same photo to rockstar social club and took a screenshot from my phone which shows the blacks (although not 100% pefect) much better when viewing from a phone/pc etc. 

Since then i have noticed that the background of the BBC iplayer to look very (8 bit) pixellilated. Watching standard TV via the TVs tuner shows similar effects, i noticed a shot of a TV program from a beach shown the sky/clouds to not be blended as expected but again blocky. 


Netflix (star trek) had similar issues when you are watching some of the shots in space where it's black background with other colours showing and again blocky. 


Does anyone have any experience with this and could you advise if this is a settings issue where i can change something to show a better picture or should i be raising this with Samsung? I have called Samsung earlier and all they did was reset my TV remotely and suggested i "monitor it" and call them back.


Does this type of issue have a particular name that i could tell Samsung to hopefully give them a better understanding of the problem?

I’d appreciate any help with this...


Many thanks!


Leephoto taken from TV showing the issues with the black backgroundphoto taken from TV showing the issues with the black backgroundImage uploaded to internet and viewed/screengrabbed via iphoneImage uploaded to internet and viewed/screengrabbed via iphone