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Samsung QN95A Neo QLED - is my one connect box having issues?

(Topic created on: 11/05/21 11:24)
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Got the new NeoQLED 3 weeks ago and have had some issues which make me think the One Connect may be faulty or having some issues.

1st issue was ethernet connection, kept popping up randomly on screen that cable disconnected and then reconnected. I got a new cat5 high speed cable and still the same, so unplug ethernet and setup wireless and all working ok now it seems.

2nd issue is to do with sound. I had the TV setup with the Samsung Harmon 950, with Sky Q and Xbox Series X.

When watching a movie on the Xbox, every so often the sound will just go for a second or two. Same happens sometimes with SkyQ as well. On the soundbar when it did this it kept popping up Dolby Atmos as switching on, so wasnt like a consistent signal was going to the soundbar (TV Settings were set to Auto for sound pass through on eARC and it happens with all options of sound in the tv menu).

I chatted to Samsung who said the soundbar may not be compatible with the TV (which to me came across as an excuse rather than it actually being incompatible).

So I purchased a new soundbar, a Sonos Arc, set it all up, new HDMI 2.1 cables for each device now as well (and swapping what is in which HDMI port on the OneConnect).

Same issue, sound will cut out every so often when watching a movie or SkyQ, which is a bit annoying, this is ONLY on externally connected devices, if i watcha  movie on Netflix/Prime/Disney+ or from my local NAS, it works fine.


All of this just makes me think there is an issue with the OneConnect box or the OneConnect cable, has anyone else had similar issues or any possible solutions to try? Or do I book a repair to try and get a replacement OneConnect box and cable?


Hello try to make an hdmi port test in the menu you can find it in the troubleshooting menu…

I did the test as I also have troubles with hdmi, with my ps5 it starts switching on and off the image and says the cable is not working but it works and it worked on my q95t.

now the qn95a has this issue, plus sometimes it decides to switch the audio from the sound bar (Samsun g q70t sound bar) to the tv speakers by itself