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Samsung QN90B and Sky Q mini lock out

(Topic created on: 14-04-2023 12:55 PM)
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Hello there good people!!

Anybody else came across a problem with QN90B screens and Sky Q mini boxes?

We have issues with 12 or so Sky Q mini boxes freezing or locking out and they are all connected to Samsung QN90Bs.

There is no common theme, some have Sonos Beams, Playbars connected to them some have nothing else bar the Q mini.

Samsung say there is no fault, Sky say the same but something is not right.

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Hi @BG1983  Not aware of any specific issue with the QN90B's. However have you tried any general fixes?  

The mini may not have the best connection

Can Try a Network reset on the Mini via Home - Settings - Setup - Network.
Highlight Status and then select Reset on the right hand side. Follow instructions to WPS with nearest Q device (though WPS  advice only applicable if you have Sky Broadband) Otherwise may need a wifi Booster. However obviously may well have been through Troubleshooting.

However  an issue was identified with the main Box a while ago.  Apparently there is an compatibility problem with the One Connect Box and whilst they do work ok together the tuning of the distribution of the One Connect Box (q part of it) needs resetting at times. Sky software engineers working on it but as far as I am aware have not yet found a solution. 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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Hi - there is another thread about similar issues with QN50B - here’s a copy of my comment - Hi, I actually had a Sky engineer down on Saturday for other reasons and I mentioned the TV and he straight away knew the problem and I said I’d googled and turned the HDMI off on the TV and he asked if I’d turned it off on the Sky mini box too? No.  He then did it - when you make change and save you turn the mini box off and you must turn it back on within 2 mins for the changes to save or else it resets to original settings if there is a longer gap and it’s worked fine so far - he said Samsung know about the issue and are trying to fix it but currently the TV freezes the box.  Hope this helps. Not sure how he turned off the HDMI on box - maybe try google? It maybe via engineer settings. 

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actually the topic is called 

Samsung Q50A and Sky Q - worth a read through