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Samsung Q95t earc sound dropouts / lockups

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I have a Samsung Q95t connected to a Sony STR-1080DN.  When using eARC (TV in passthrough mode) with dolby atmos the sound drops out for a second or two at random intervals, sometimes it recovers, other times, the only way to get it working again is to unplug the tv from the wall and restart it.

I don't have any problems with Dolby atmos audio from the Bluray player to the Sony STR-1080DN just when using eARC through the TV, and the TV appears to the problem as it's the only device that requires the restart.  All Dolby Atmos Audio stops including internal applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime until the power off / restart when it locks up.

Happens at least every hour.  Changed HDMI cables, using 8k HDMI 2.1 with ethernet cables for eARC.




i have a similiar issue with the same tv and eARC. Sometimes, not always, my Denon X2600h reciever just stays mute when i try to use eARC. The AVR recognizes the TV, since it tries to go in fallback mode (PCM Stereo), but even this doesnt work. Normal ARC works flawlessly, by the way.


It appears that the one connect box of the 2020 models has a major problem with eARC. There are many threads about compatibility problems with Sonos ARC, but i assure you that it's not exclusive.


So when will this be fixed? I bought this TV to use the upcoming PS5 with eARC, since my AVR does not support several new gaming related features. Without this function working properly, the device is worthless.



I'm having the exact same issue with a 55' Q80T. 


XBOX Series X connected to HDMI4, soundbar connected to the eARC input (HDMI3). In this setup, I get consistent 2ish second audio drops about every 25 minutes.

I've found more people that have this issue and the one common factor is we all have the Saumsung QLED tvs from 2020. Hopefully Samsung will send out a firmware update to fix this sooner rather than later!

I have a feeling that MORE people are going to have this issue once they start receiving their new consoles.


Its the same issue as mentioned in this thread: 


Join the band-wagon and curry up some more attention so Samsung puts more than one programmer onto the issue.


Whats happened is they released an update to "fix" it, and naturally its broken it even further.

It effects all 2020 series QLEDs, and thus far Samsung are silent on the matter.


Its not your audio system or cables, its the TV and its software related.

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