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Hi guys, im having problems with a couple of Samsung products 1- my Samsung smart TV volume is stuck on volume 19 and the mute button keeps coming on the screen, it also keeps loging off from the Internet and won't let me log back in. I've tried resetting the TV and unplugging it, that seams to work for about a day then I get the same problem over and over again. MODEL NUMBER UE55MU6120 SN 0B523SBK500052T 2- my Samsung ear buds will only connect to the left ear bud, I've deleted the Samsung gear app and removed the ear buds from my Bluetooth settings and still won't find the bud, the ear buds needs up dating but it won't alow the up date unless both are conection, Model number sm-r175 (ear buds) Model number ep-qr175 (cradle) S/n rf2n30psc7l Any help in resolving this is much appreciated Simon
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