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Samsung Plasma Smart TV Won't Go Into Service Mode / Menu - (PN60E7000F 2012 Build)

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Not sure if I'll be able to find an answer to this one, but I'm having issues with my Plasma. It's a PN60E7000F model. I purchased it with a bad PSU and had the PSU rebuilt it and swapped it. Powered up and was presumably working fine with a single input (HDMI).


Bought a receiver and hooked it up, and also a little AV device and hooked it up as well. I don't remember what started the issue, but it began having problems. Upon powering up, I get the LED flashing 5 times. I believe this is a mainboard issue.


Beyond that, whenever I change inputs, it has a very difficult time. It stays dark, then decides it can't find the signal, then randomly at some point decides it did find the signal, but then the buttons are quite laggy. Anyway, I was pulling my hair out trying to get it work properly. Seemed that if I just left it alone, it would tend to find the signal after some hestitation most of the time. It won't respond to buttons very well, and even will not power down when I hit power. It tends to decide when it wants to power down on it's own schedule after I ask it to. Sometimes it will just power down on its own when it can't find the source. I'm fairly certain that the mainboard is having issues / failing.


Somehow it went to the service menu. No idea if I did it or if it did it on its own after having a bunch of difficulties / throwing codes. So I do a factory reset. TV works fine with a single input (AV this time). As soon as I hook up a different receiver and it has multiple inputs, it goes back to crazy town. Same issues. 


So, I figure I learned from last time. A soft reset via the menu won't work, so it's time to hit the service menu. I have tried many times now to access the service menu and cannot get it to work. When the TV is on or off, either way, I'll hit Info > Menu > Mute > Power and it will not go into service mode. It just powers up and chugs along its merry way. 


The LED shows the transmitter is working. I have no idea why I can't access the service menu. Any advice would be appreciated. Please let me know if I can provide additional helpful information. I'm at the point where I may just have to send it to the recycler and buy a new TV.

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I suppose this might be a more complicated question than I was thinking? To any techs frequent this forum? 


Thanks anyway. 

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