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Samsung LED TV (Series 5) Extension Speakers Puzzle

(Topic created on: 16-07-2017 11:08 AM)
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I've had a Series 5 TV (22") for three years now. It's connected to Virgin Media's Tivo box via a HDMI cable and audio is supplied via Microlab's (excellent) extension speakers (FC330 edition). Last night I turned on the TV to discover no sound coming from the TV - neither from its own tiny (tinny?) panel speaker, nor from the extension speakers. In the process of trying to sort out the problem, I temporarily disconnected the extension speakers, not remembering afterwards into which socket  the cable jack plug went (!) Eventually the sound returned - how I've no idea. But the remaining mystery is this: the only socket on the back of the TV big enough to accept the extension cable jack plug is the one marked 'Headphones'. That's okay, except that when I use the volume controls via my remote, I now get on the screen a 'headphone' icon and not the usual 'speaker' icon. Moreover, there appears to be no explanations anywhere in the user manual about connecting extension speakers to the TV! NB. I don't use the TV's 'Digital Audio Output (Optical)' socket. I note too that the manual states: 'The headphone jack supports only the 3 conductor tip-ring sleeve (TRS) type' - which seemingly by chance happens to be the correct size for the Microlab's extension cable jack plug.


Two points:


1) Why is there no information worth the name - whether graphically or textually - in the manual about extension speakers???


2) Am I doing long-term harm to the TV by connecting the extension speakers to its headphone socket?


Many thanks.