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Q9FN random reboot

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Hi, new to the forum.


My 4 month old 2018 Q9FN has started doing quick random reboots the last few days. It suddenly qoes black, displays the Samsung logo and then is back to the same input - takes about 3-4 seconds.  So far it has only done so while using my Xbox One X (which is annoying), but at random times - 1 time each evening. I've reattached all HDMI cables and the One Connect cable, and setup all inputs from scratch. I have not done a full reset yet, although I guess that's the next step. I'm on the latest firmware.


Anyone experienced the same? Is this the fist sign of a faulty One connect box?

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Q9FN 55" from Austria here , playing RDR2 on Xbox One X , random TV reboots all the time 😞 , sometimes it works for an hour , sometimes I have 2 crashes in 5 minutes.

Deactivating freesync is the only way to play at the moment. Come on Samsung make my TV great again!!!



edit: any idea if this problem also exists in the 2019 lineup ? If so there might be a small chance that we get a fix also.

But in reality I am afraid Samsung will sit this out until our warranty is expired : bad luck guys :face-with-tears-of-joy:

it is kind of tragic that this thread exists since may 2019 ( for 7 months ) and there is not even one hint on the net if this was adressed or will ever be fixed by Samsung although this concerns Samsungs top notch TVs .

To be perfetly honest with you : if Samsung let us rot with this broken freesync free TV firmware it will be hard for me to buy another Samsung TV in the future (I have lots of Samsung devices at home and usually recommend the Samsung brand). 

>>disappointed greetings fellow sufferers<<


Well I went out and bought a LG C9, moved the Q9FN to the bedroom.  A few things I noticed, first the color, contrast and blacks are far better  on the C9.  However as expected there is a noticeable difference in peak brighness in HDR, especially when viewing during the day or a bright room.  However in lower light or a dark room, The HDR really pops and the Q9s HDR almost seems seems to wash out the colors and blacks.  Next the Gsync is a god send.  With a window of 40zh to 120hz, games are so much smoother.  Now seeing them compared directly if both TVs were functioning as intended and supported G sync.  I would definetely not have bought the C9 to replace the Q9fn.  It's better, but not $2000 better that I would replace the Q9fn.  If Samsung could get their stuff together, fix the free sync and add Gsync support I would say it's a toss up on which TV is the better overall set.    

I also bought a replacement TV that is slightly inferior (X900F) just so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the Q8FNs issues. My biggest complaint with my TV is the terrible Dirty Screen Effect. This is much worse than the non working FreeSync (to me). It’s so distracting that it makes gaming unbearable. I had to go thru multiple Q8FN panels before getting one that is even semi acceptable. No issue with the Sony and I have not heard of any DSE issues with LG either. Done with Samsung going forward.

Sou Brasileiro, e estou passando pelo mesmo problema. infelizmente a Samsung não se manifestou a respeito do problema minha Q7fn está reiniciando algumas vezes durante a jogatina . Muito decepcionado .


The random reboot problem is also on my tv.
Did talk to Samsung support today, as I have now re opened this case when I  found out its not only issue with my tv. 
What I have done is to change one connect cable (was free of charge, good one Samsung) and hdmi cable, also done reset to the tv . This have NOT fixed the random reboot.
The support on Samsung today was a little different then the past support I have got when I told them there is many with this problem and asked them to gogle for reading this page. 
I did ask them to read this forum and come back to me with a solution, I got disapointed when them still wants to send a repair dude for fixing the tv when I told them its been tried before to change out the panel and hdmi ports.
Since there are no fix for this after so long I am not sure it will ever come.
This is VERY disappointing, Samsung! This need to be FIXED!

Hi since posting to this growing thread. I have now disabled freesync on the tv settings and since then the tv has not re booted well apart from the fact it still does not see my console as an xbox one. So my un technical mind says this issue must be with the firmware and the freesync capabilities of the tv. A poor show if cannot be fixed as that was a main reason I purchased the set

Agree that this is a massive problem. I turned off FreeSync as a workaround and haven't had problems since then. I understand that diagnosing and fixing software issues can take time, but if the issue is not fixed by the end of the year, I will abandon Samsung as a TV manufacturer and be sure to inform everyone I know of this incident. 

I will continue to keep up with this thread to see if anything changes.

Thanks for the kudos.
As a Samsung forum i find it very poor show that they do not have an employee's monitoring this thread and answering what they are doing about it. These TV's that have the issue seem to go from mid range to top of the range the same issues when you invest a lot of money into the TV you expect problems to be acknowledged and sorted out

I have expanded this issue to other forums to get as many people informed of this as possible.


Hi all,


I would like to share what I did that I hope will help other people.


At least my TV hasn't rebooted since 2weeks.

In fact, I kept the freesync active and didn't change anything in game mode.


Only thing I did is disable the remote feature that enable to control the xbox via the remote control. I was tired of having my xbox booting everything time I was switching on the TV the day after a gaming session.


I know that it may sounds weird but I was like you. My TV was rebooting randomly when playing xbox and I was getting crazy as nothing support told me to do or did on my tv resolved the issue.


It's only since I have disable the automatic remote control of the xbox that I dont have faced any reboot.



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