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Q9FN not displaying HDR correctly

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Hello 🙂

My TV is a QE75Q9FNATXXC. I'm using an Oppo UDP-203 and a Playstation 4 Pro with it. HDR is activated on both with all settings on Auto. The TV recognizes the HDR input.

With UHD discs vs Blu-ray UHD has richer, more natural colors. But the thing is, Blu-ray always matches or sometimes even exceeds the UHD highlights in terms of brightness.

With my PS4 I took screenshots in multiple games with HDR turned on and off and they're virtually identical. But I did spot one difference in the first chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Looking directly into a car's headlight with HDR the area of bright light is smaller and I could make out details inside the headlight. With SDR I get a bigger glare which appears brighter. So it seems like the TV is displaying the HDR image without actually applying the extra brighness.

Samsung support asked me to check if HDR was working with the Youtube app to determine if the problem was limited to external units but it's hard to make a definitive call as it is my first and only HDR screen. What really trips me up is that the TV makes all material look bright and vivid.

I was wondering if anyone had any idea what could be wrong? Is there something else I should be trying? Is there a Youtube video that makes it easy to determine if HDR is working correctly?



I have already tried: Plugging everything directly into the TV, tried multiple HDMI cables, activated UHD for all inputs on the One Connect box, made sure Eco mode is off.


Did you try pressing the ok/enter button on the remote? You should get a pop-up window in the corner of the screen  telling you if HDR/UHD is enabled or not.


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