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Frame TV: Art Mode x Apple TV ARC/CEC Broken (ver 1520)

(Topic created on: 28-09-2023 11:57 AM)
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I have 3 brand new Frame TVs (2022: 65, 75, and 85) on Software version 1520. All set up to have ARC/CEC powered by brand new Apple TV 4K devices.  The expected behavior is that when powering off the Apple TV, these Frame TVs should go into Art Mode.

That is not happening.

Instead, I get a message to "Check Input Source and Device Power," indicating that the CEC control of the Frame TVs is not functioning correctly.

I have followed the recommended steps provided by Samsung Support staff Russel here:

This produces an outcome where the expected behavior occurs ONCE, then returns to its broken state.

I have also plugged these Apple TVs into other brands of television, and been able to repeat the expected behavior consistently using those brands. This isolates the issue to the Frame TVs. 

I have seen reports from users in this forum on software version 1430 who are able to consistently repeat the expected behavior on their Frame TV, so it would appear the issue took place in a software (firmware?) update between 1430 and 1520. 

Has anyone found a solution for this? 

And is there a way to go back to software version 1430 until Samsung fixes it?

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