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Q950TS uniformity/bleed issues

(Topic created on: 19-05-2021 11:00 AM)
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I had an engineer (third-party sent via Samsung) visit and reject performing a panel replacement as my experience was within acceptable tolerances.  The engineer showed me the Samsung bulletin about this with the supporting images for what is deemed acceptable.  The bulletin images looked like perfection compared to what I experience.

So I'd thought I'd ask the community....does this really look acceptable? Is this really how you treat customers?  Thanks for purchasing our expensive flagship model - now we have your money we won't do anything to help you with a dud panel?

And this is just one issue.  I have a fault on HDMI 4 causing picture errors (which admittedly has been agreed to fix - or at least try to fix with a circuit board replacement).  I have a black/purple boarder coming in an inch in depth from the panel edge around the entire screen which is very distracting on real-world content.
Admittedly I have had the panel replaced once already.  The engineer came out, mentioned about you'll never get perfection on these screens with regards to uniformity/bleed/DSE but a quick look at mine and he agreed it was very bad and should be replaced.  The replacement is the picture below.  It's worse.  So I'm not sure how it can be accepted that my issue was bad enough to be replaced, but the replacement being even worse it's now deemed acceptable?