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Samsung Q95 TV & Q950T soundbar eARC issues

(Topic created on: 07-01-2021 09:15 AM)

Hello to all.


I have a Samsung Q95 tv and recently just bought a Q950T samsung soundbar and constantly have issues with eARC.


I have connected them through HDMI 3 port of one connect box using the HDMI cable that came along with the soundbar.


However, I keep seeing TV ARC on the display of the soundbar instead of eARC.


I have made tons of attempts :

  • changing settings (turning on/off the eARC feature and the same with other settings)
  • disconnecting and reconnecting the two devices and all other devices I have connected in one connect box (2 cable tv boxes, one WD media player and one old playstation 3)
  • switching on and off the tv and soundbar
  • checked the firmware of both tv and soundbar

Sometimes by some of the above combinations I get it to work and show eARC but after I close the TV and open it on again the next morning we are back at square one (TV ARC shown instead of eARC)


I also have to say that even when I have eARC on, even if it is not working since TV ARC is shown on soundbar, I have sound (instead of other reports I saw around here about not having sound when you have eARC on).


Does anyone has any clue what I can try and solve this thing?


I have seen other reports here that other users have similar issues but most of them I think report that they have different brands of TV and soundbar (mostly SONOS i think).


It is really frustrating not getting a TV and soundbar of the same company to work!




I have the same issue with Q90T and Q950T soundbar.  My problems are the followings:

  • Native Netflix app may not able to play Dolby Atmos track, very unstable. it will play 5.1
  • Native Disney + app CAN NOT play Dolby Atmos track at all. It always play 5.1

on the TV sound setting, I use eARc and pass through options.  It looks like the Netflix, Disney app itself may have problems.  Not sure this is a Samsung problem or 3rd party app issue.  Regardless, I am very disappointed with Samsung's product at this point.  There are very little support and response that you can get.