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Q6DT TV random alert/notification sounds

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I have a Q6DT 55 inch television and I keep getting random alert/notification sounds. It's driving me insane!  I have tried calling Samsung twice,  the notification alerts and the sounds in expert settings have both been turned off. On my last call, the Samsung tech remoted into my tv and tried to help, the final answer was that the sound is a normal part of the tv. This can't be right, the tv makes the sound when I turn it on and also at random times when watching a show. Any help would be appreciated.


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I would be happy to try to assist you from here. Are you able to send us a video showing the issue so I can have a better understanding of this? 

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I was having the same issue, started today. Everytime I would start up a show on netflix or hulu it would continuously make an alert sound! I just factory reset the TV and the alert sound stopped. 

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Were you able to fix the problem, because I'm experiencing the same situation? I reset my tv and the issue is still there.

After I factory reset it, the alerts stopped but once my bf got home from work it started again! I told him he was the problem. Lol but after a while we remembered he had synced his phone with the tv and he decided to turn off his phone and the alert sound stopped. Once he turned his phone back on no alerts. He has the Note 9. Maybe try turning off your phone and turning it back on? We havent had the issue since. Let me know if it works ! 

That's what it is because I turned my phone off and the alert sound went away and then when I turned my phone back on I only heard it once but next time I'll just turn my sync off and see if that makes a difference

Well the TV made the sound again but at the same time I got a message that popped up on my phone asking if I wanted to connect to the TV through SmartThings app I had cancelled, never heard the notification sound again. So the sync idea probably will make no difference I'm also thinking about uninstalling SmartThings app as I don't really use it

This corrected the problem right away thanks for the tips.
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I fixed this issue by going into my Galaxy Note 10+ Phone settings, connections, more connection settings and then turning off device scanning. I have a slightly different samsung TV (8 series 55inch smart tv) but it has the same extremely annoying bing sound a day after I bought it. It would happened while playing Spotify and pausing Netflix and Hulu. Drove me insane. I only now realized that the phone was trying to get mirrored to the TV and thus the TV was sending a notification to signal this. Hope this helps. (I also removed the TV from my phone's Smartthings app). 

I’m having this same issue. I have an iPhone, so I don’t believe it’s connecting to that. Sometimes I get a notification the same time, it dings but other times it seems to happen randomly. I’ve factory reset and I don’t have the smart things app and it continues to ding. 

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