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TV stopped working after update

(Topic created on: 13-11-2021 08:18 PM)

TV model:QE65Q800TATXXU

On Tuesday this week I agreed to install software update when notification came up.

After update completed, screen flashed and took a few seconds to normalise but seemed okay so eventually once things were finished switched off tv. 

When I went to use it on Wednesday the HDMI input from my PC was more unstable than normal, any resolution changes would cause a drop in signal and the TV would become unresponsive(constantly powering on\off). Eventually after a cold reset I was able to connect PC again. However when I shutdown PC the TV when into the unresponsive state (cycling power on\off). It was impossible to switch it off via remote, I had to unplug it.

On Thursday when powered on the TV became fully unresponsive (the power on\off cycling). I was able to through some random chance with pressing buttons on remote get it to boot to home menu. From there I did a factory reset, at this point I also noticed a band of faulty pixels from one side to the other on the top of the screen. After the reset, I thought the TV was finally stable as I was able to power it off with the remote without it going into the power cycling unresponsive state. However when I switched it on again in Friday I was back to the unresponsive state of power cycling.

The TV is a few weeks from the end of warranty and I've contacted the retailer to try and get a repair\replacement. Has anyone experienced this issue with the update 2101.2 ? Anyone had to deal with faults under warranty caused by software updates?