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OneRemote turning on the power of my Yamaha AVR

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Hi, I´ve searched, but couldn´t find any information about this.

I have configured my 2018 OneRemote (of my 65q9fn 2018) to turn the volume up and down on my Yamaha AVR, but it doesn´t turn the AVR on and off.

Is this possible?

When I configure it, it does a test turning it off and I accept that it has been turned off, but afterwards it only seems to control the volume

It would be ideal if when I turn the TV on, the AVR turns on at the same time and also when I turn the TV off.




Same issue here, bought a ru8000 recently and I've managed to connect the one remote to my external receiver (connected to the TV with optical only).  During the test it's possible to turn on and off the external receiver, but once the setup is complete only vol up, vol down and mute are working. 

Surprised to see that this issue is posted here almost a year ago without a resolution. One of the reasons I've bought a Samsung tv is because I thought their support is excellent. Guess I'll need to use my two remote next to my one remote for a while to power off the receiver 😉


This is very annoying. I have the exact same issue.


During the test I can power on and off my Yamaha receiver (on attempt #2), but outside of the test only the volume and mute  functions work.


The remote is capable of achieving what we need, but there is some type of software bug that is preventing it from working out of test mode.


Samsung hasn't replied in over a year? I wish they would fix this. I also bought an RU8000.


I am having this same issue.

I have samsung UN49RU8000F with the samsung smart voice remote. I also have AT&T U-verse. 
For my amp I have Yamaha R-N803. The amp is connected to the TV with optical only. 

with the Samsung remote:

- I can do everything on AT&T u-verse and control volume/mute the amplifier.


with AT&T u-verse remote:

- I can control the amplifier volume and mute it. Plus, when I press the power button on this remote it would turn off the amp and the TV but it wouldn't turn the amp on. 

during setup:

when I got to universal remote under source and setup the amp, the last step is a powet test and with that power test I can turn the amp on and off, which implies that it is compatible.


This seems to me like a software issue on the samsung tv that needs to be fixed. I think the power button on the samsung does not trigger the amp power. There is probably some other way to trigger the amp power but I don't know of it, other than the test!


Same issue here with older Denon receiver (AVR-3805) connected via optical. 

During setup, the universal remote on my Samsung Frame TV powers the unit on/off. Thus in principle it should work. 

Volume control works from then on. Great. 

However, neither putting the TV into standby or turning the TV off will power the Receiver off. 

Or when turning the TV on will not power the Receiver on. 


This seems to be a SW bug/omission from Samsung to not send the power on/off IR code. Very annoying, since it would be perfect otherwise. 

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I also have this problem with Onkyo A-9010 amplifier. It turns on during test, but then only volume/mute control. Very annoying 😒

Samsung please add the ON OFF features of our receivers!!! In test mode works! During the normale use not!! It's crazy


Same issue with my Yamaha Av receiver (Rx-v583). The OneRemote wizard switches the AV Receiver on and off during the setup but doesn't turn it on in normal use. I can't believe that this hasn't been resolved yet by Samsung. My TV is a UE50TU8510.

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Same issue with my Yamaha TSR-7850R(turns off and on during tests but doesn't work afterwards.  Odd because it works fine with my Onkyo TX-NR626 though(probably because its an older "dumb" receiver). Very frustrating. 


It seems like Samsung just doesn't care, as far as *****ty samsung surround sound systems work with their remote. All they want to do is cause inconveniences when you choose to buy a product not made by Samsung. 

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I figured out a very 'MickeyMouse' way around this.  I unplugged all my hdmi connections on the receiver and plugged it into my tv hdmi ports. Ensured the Arc connections were correct and now they both turn off and on at the same time. I think the CEC connections through HDMI interferes with the TVs ability to control the receiver properly.   I had to also reseat the hdmi connections on the tv a few times, it confused my Amazon Firestick as a DirecTV box etc.  

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