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UE55MU6105 is turning on itself

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I have a UE55MU6105 that is turning on automatically several times a day/night. I have a Yamaha Soundbar (YSP-2700) sonnected via HDMI (Arc). When I unplug the HDMI cable that is connected between the soundbar and TV there is no problem. Have the latest firmware and has also made a factory reset. Samsung has also been connected to my TV via remote and has reset the HDMI Ports. But none of this has solved the problem. Now Samsung will not help anymore. They claim that it is not a garanty that it will work with other brands connected. Before I had a Sony TV connected in the completly same setup and here there were no problems. So I think Samsung has a problem in their TV's as this is not the only complain about this problem......

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I have a SmartTV MU6405, and am having exactly the same issue. Using a Sony bar sound, with my Samsung TV. I'm very disapointed, I have to unplung the HDMI ARC cable every single time I turn off the TV ! Very annoying and risky to break this plug after plug/unplug it hundread of times...


A lot of people are having the same one too here :

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