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Non responsive TV after malicious message

(Topic created on: 02-09-2020 10:22 AM)
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Does anyone have any advice for the below issue.
I have a 55" UE55MU6100KXXU - 3 years old 
On Saturday a message popped up on the TV 
[A malicious process has been blocked. [Process:] Do you want to send malware file to server to improve Samsung smart tvs?] 
(Always) (Once) (Cancel)
We clicked once and the TV shut down and became very slow / hardly responsive /delayed with the controller and the screen kept flicking with a blue undertone.  Spoke to Samsung support and reset the TV.  It worked for a whole 24 hours. 
Then the same message appeared except it was a different process code.   
[A malicious process has been blocked. [Process: 0.0.12] Do you want to send malware file to server to improve Samsung smart tvs?] 
(Always) (Once) (Cancel)
This time we clicked cancel but the pop up continued to appear until we turned the tv off and on again.   The Tv then worked for around an hour then completely wiped again.   So again we tired to reset and tune the TV. 
Now it won't connect to the WiFi or find any channels to tune. 
We also tries scanning for viruses, resetting out wifi and even trying to connect to our phones hotspot.   It seems it's the TV with the connection issue.  Again we called Samsung Support but they were reluctant to help us solve this mystery probably because it's out of warrenty. We've only had it for 3 years it shouldn't just stop working.   


Hi @KSun ,


have you checked with our colleagues or by yourself if the TV software is up to date? I can see that the latest version available for this is: 1280.5. 


To check this head into the TV Settings> Support> About this TV/Contact Samsung


I keep getting a malicious process has been blocked. [process:] on screen message for the past 4 years. 
I have tried updating software, resetting TV, and scanning Tv for a virus and none of this helps. 
I currently use Comcast cable provider and have Apple TV and Fire TV plugged into HDMI ports. 

I have Model UN55ku6270fxza


I've posted my experience on another thread but repeated here:


We're currently having the same problem with ours. It's the new 'top of the line' QA85Q950TS 2020 model and right from the first start up we've experienced the following issues multiple times to the extent it's rendered the TV completely unusable 

The issues are summarised as follows:


  • TV sporadically turns on and off by itself. This will happen multiple times
  • Remote control sporadically works; then doesn’t work at all; then only certain functions work; then works again (repeated). I have changed batteries and this doesn’t rectify.
  • TV originally wouldn't even play netflix from the app but after multiple resets it did but then would jump from Netflix to live TV by itself sporadically
  • Apps have disappeared and cannot be reloaded
  • ‘Smart Security’ alerts box appears/disappears and info box appears ‘Monitoring Results’ showing 598 blocked items 
  • Smart Security info box appears saying: ‘A Malicious process has been blocked…..’ 
  • Unable to reinstall apps because can’t get past ‘Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy’ screen – screen info says: ‘Network Interference occurred. Please try again later’ but later attempts result in same screen info.

We have been in contact with Samsung on 3 occasions and they have tried to rectify over the phone but all attempts have been unsuccessful. We recently had a technician come out to inspect and he said he'd been working on Samsung TV's for 11 years and had never seen this before. He changed the one cord box and this made zero difference. He said Samsung had recently changed its operating platform and it's likely this has been hacked so a virus was now infecting new 2020 smart tv's. I don't know whether this is true or not but there's clearly a virus in our TV that hasn't come from our internet (we have 3 other tv's, computers, etc and all are fine. We also have anti-virus software ). The seller has indicated that they may need to change the main board (whatever that means) and hopefully this will remove the virus but the concern is how did the virus get there as it can happen again. They are checking with Samsung for any latest ideas on how this can be tackled without hardware change. he even asked us if anyone surfed the dark web or downloaded an app outside the app store - neither of which we had. 

This TV cost us a big chunk of $$ so they better fix it or they'll have one very unhappy and litigious customer


Samsung problem 1.jpg


I am having same issues with mine and it's 2023. Don't understand how they couldn't solve the issue with a simple update. The smart security finds even samsung own files as malicious. 

Please update if you finally found a solution 

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I'm having the exact same issue. The constant turning off and on again is such a bother.