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No picture size option (again!)

(Topic created on: 23-11-2020 03:44 AM)
First Poster

I hate black bars. So I've followed a few posts on this subject but don't regard (or don't fully understand perhaps) why the picture size option is not available using the Smart Hub apps. I also read the links that tried to explain why. To my mind those were a bit misleading.


Why? Well I recently bought a TU8500 (2020) and all fine so far. TV picture is good enough for me and works fine. I have the ethernet cable connected to the TV but I also have a Roku on wi-fi linked with HDMI to the TV. In addition a BD player is also linked via HDMI. After extensive testing I have come to the following conclusions:

(1) With the Roku on Netflix/Prime/BBC iPlayer etc I can compare the same source material to the corresponding Samsung apps for picture size availability. It is available in all cases using the Roku (which is max HD). The Samsung apps do not offer the option at all and nor do the other apps that I've tried.

(2) BD player using HD discs also offers the option.

Conclusion has to be, therefore, that it is the apps themselves in the "Smart Hub" that are causing the issue. None of them seem to function which would appear to be therefore a common fault. Think I'll be looking for a Roku upgrade and ditch the Smart Hub apps.