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New UE65AU9000KXXU - Setup Experience

(Topic created on: 20-05-2021 11:27 PM)
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Our new Samsung Smart TV arrived today, this is our experience of setting it up. (Unknown to us, we had an issue with our WiFi where new logons were being rejected, more on that later.)

So unboxed the unit, put the stand on, powered it up and started going through the menus. First choice was set up by Smartphone (Samsung SmartThings app) or by remote, it recommended SmartPhone so chose that option. It downloaded an update which worked fine, restarted the setup and then failed to connect to the Smartphone. Strange. Went back through the menus to the remote control setup but somehow ended up in the 'Check your Smartphone Notification or Scan the QR Code' screen. Scanning the code with the SmartPhone (new Galaxy A50) did nothing and the remote would not exit the screen. If we put in standby, it just returned to the screen. If we powered off a mains, same thing.

So we called Currys PC World, they rather disappointingly said they couldn't help and to call Samsung. (Thanks a bunch, I'll remember that next time I have a 4 figure sum to spend on a home appliance). Called Samsung next, got through their menu system and then got put in a queue. 30 minutes later, get another message saying they are busy and they are ending the call, please try again later. Fabulous. Try the Samsung live chat, after 25 mins get connected to an agent who spends another 10 minutes asking us to power off, press buttons we've already tried, etc. Give up on Samsung support and dig out another Samsung device running SmartThings we happen to have in the house, manage to get past the QR code screen but then TV won't connect to WiFi at all. Skip all the Smart TV setup stuff and get to terrestrial channels.

Now we go back to try and configure the network and the TV tries to connect to our WiFi without asking for the password, presumably it has got this from the SmartPhone and its now hitting our Wifi issue where new logons don't work. Do a network reset and finally the TV asks for the WiFi password, try it again and finally it connects. 

I can't find any way of getting back to the initial setup menu so I just configure everything manually. If there are cool features in the auto-setup screens, I'll miss out on them. 

So some points to bear in mind;

Samsung's 2021 LED Smart TVs don't have error handling to cope with WiFi that won't authenticate, the software ends up in a loop that the user can't get out of.

Currys PC World wouldn't help a customer who just received a £1200 item - thanks a lot

But at least they answered the phone, unlike Samsung's call centre who failed completely.

We've got a house full of Samsung gear but after tonight's experience, I'm now wondering why we bother. I'm sure Apple wouldn't have allowed this kind of stuff to happen with a brand new product. If I could, I'd sent the whole thing back (TV and soundbar) and go back to our old Plasma which worked just fine. 


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this is clearly not the experience Samsung would like their users to have

glad it connected already to your Wi-Fi

congrats with your new TV! 😉😍



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Day two and the WiFi on the TV only stays connected if I place one of my WiFi extender discs (BT Complete WiFi) literally next to the TV on the stand. A quick look at these forums suggests that I'm not the only one experiencing WiFi connectivity issues with a Samsung TV. 

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If you have a mobile phone you can use a wifi analyser app to check the strength of signal going to your TV. It will also show the best Wi-Fi channel to use.
I have Smart Hub 2 and 3 discs and I don't get full coverage so I use a power line connection between my PC and router as they are at opposite ends of the house.