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qe75q95t TV not retaining settings - infuriating

(Topic created on: 01-12-2022 02:08 AM)
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I have a "flagship" qe75q95t TV from 2020 with the OneConnect box, it wasn't cheap.

My user experience is getting to the point where I'm going to replace it with an LG fairly soon and never touch Samsung again.

Over the time of using the TV, for over 2 years now I've had the following options that I've never found a fix for:

 - I constantly have to enable game mode manually on the interface with my PC. Auto doesn't work and pretty much every single I turn the TV off and power it back up the next day (standby, not off at the wall), it's 50/50 if game mode is disabled. Not EVERY time, but most times. No the TV is not in demo mode.

- The same thing constantly happens for the sound source. At random intervals I'll turn the TV on and it will have defaulted back to TV Speaker. I have a Samsung HWQ950T, which also wasn't cheap. The bar is connected into HDMI 3 as per instructions and yet even though the TV knows the soundbar is there and connected, it won't use it. I manually select it from the menu, frequently and the TV is like "oh, you wanted to use the £1000 soundbar instead of the TVs Speakers? Ok I guess so". It also then often disables eARC on the port which is supported just fine, and I have to turn it back on. Why? WHY?

- When the above happens the rest of the settings associated with the main mode's I've chosen also fail to apply. For instance sometimes the game "enhancements" turn back on when I haven't told them to. Sometimes HGIG turns off. When this happens, it throws out the HDR mode on the Windows PC which then needs detecting, enabling and calibrating again. Frequently.

- The menu system has all but grown to a crawl since I've had the TV, especially during boot (which I can forgive a little) but my far cheaper LG dumps on it from a great height for simple menu responsiveness. I've lost count of the amount of times I've pressed a direction on the menu for it to ignore me, or I thought it had, then leaps around like I've pressed the button 10 times, often with delays in movement causing me to select entirely the wrong thing then wait 5 seconds until it responds so I can cancel

- Every single time I exit a menu, the home "smart" bar appears at the bottom of the screen. I can't disable it. WHY? Exiting a menu when I've been forced to go setup my entire picture mode, game mode, sound source and so on is bad enough but then throwing up the f**king bar every time I exit a menu is unforgivable.

For a flagship product, this really is a disaster, so I'd like some assistance from anyone who has a decent suggestion about fixing these issues before I bin the thing completely and just buy another brand. I've had Samsung TVs for 5 generations, but never again at this rate.