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QE50QN94AA various problems - turning on automatically, disconnecting from audio, losing settings

(Topic created on: 24-01-2022 11:24 AM)

Hi Members/Samsung
I recently purchased a Neo QLEDQE50QN94AA along with a Samsung HW-Q600A. After spending a further £50 on the shortest HDMI eARC ready cable ever, I've hooked everything up but the TV seems to have countless problems, as follows (in case it helps, this is my setup: TV connected to the soundbar via eArc port using correct cable, Manhattan Freeview recorder using a 4k ethernet compliant HDMI. Plugged into mains power not using any extenders etc, connected to an Asus RT-AC86U router via 5G with it's own dedicated port, I've set up the HDMI-CEC to control soundbar and TV through the same remote but not enabled this for the Manhattan which uses it's own IR remote)

Here's what I experience:

It randomly resets or powers off back to a start-up screen, it doesn't seem to lose settings but it's frustrating when you're watching something. This happens mostly if you watch online content from a Samsung native app (e.g. Netflix, iPlayer etc)

It doesn't seem to respect settings, especially audio. I want to use the TV+AV setting (e.g. Q Symphony) but it constantly resets to TV or just AV and doesn't seem to save the previous settings. Occasionally this also happens with picture settings. Generally this seems to happen when switching to the Manhattan freeview (HDMI 2) but can also happen if the only thing powered on is the TV and you resume playing an app e.g. Netflix or Disney

The menu seems to lock up/freeze and everything goes slow - totally at random, but it just seems to stop.

The TV randomly comes on - and this is ALWAYS in the middle of the night, usually between 2am - 5am. It happened last night at 3.04am and the event log showed the cause as CEC but the Freeview box was not powered on, so I assume it was the soundbar, but what caused this to come on and why is it always in the night - could there be crosstalk with a baby monitor, phone or smartwatch?

Any advice welcome. This is now my 5th Samsung TV in the last 20 or so years, I've never had problems with any of the previous models and still own one of them which continues to work flawlessly. 

This page maybe helpful

Set up your Samsung Soundbar - Connect to TV with HDMI and more,w....

That's exactly what I followed - as mentioned in my post I've used Arc along with expensive certified cables.  The issue isn't my setup, its definitely something with Samsung's software/firmware. Random acts of resetting settings or completely disrespecting the source of the device and constantly reverting to TV as the soundmode feels like there could be an issue with either faulty PCBs or dodgy firmware.