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Keyboard not working on smart Samsumg Youtube app


I've already tested multiple keyboards for the Youtube app in the Samsung Smart TV (MN : UE49MU6292) but it still doesnt work. The Youtube App seems to be the only one from all the TV apps that is incompatible with any wireless keyboard. Some of the keys like the arrows and 'enter' are working but not any of letters or numbers.

Can Samsung contact Youtube/Google for this sotware fixing issue?

(update: the BT App is also not working with a keyboard)


I didn't change anything, but a software update for this specific Samsung TV model happened.


However also important to mention that the BT Sports app still doesn't work with any keyboard.


i have the same issue here. The only working buttons are numbers, all arrows, spacebar and enter. I can't type any alphabets. Strangely, the keyboard works well in other apps, like Spotify or Netflix.
TV model: 49" UHD 4K Smart TV NU7100 Series 7
Keyboard: Alcatroz airpad1 (local brand)


Same issue... My hubby got one for me for Christmas, as the Samsung remote for this tv is nearly impossible to use without making multiple errors, especially in the YouTube app. It's extremely frustrating. Now I'm experiencing the same issue as you guys... Most everything else works except for the actual letter keys (ya know... That thing we all bought it for, lol). Would love to know the solution from the person who said they were able to get it working! I'm coming from a Fire TV, and honestly my privilege is coming out... No microphone on the remote is really, really a huge change and downgrade. Once you've had it... Really hard to go back!!! Samsung... Put that mic in your remotes please!


Same issue, please update youtube app on smart tv, my keyboard logitech k400 plus cant typing letters


Same with me. I tried a wifi keyboard first, and then a BT keyboard. So disappointing that it doesn't work. Would not have bought a Samsung TV if I knew this. 


I am experiencing the same issue with a Logitech G400 plus bluetooth bluetooth keyboard and a Q6 2018 TV. Cannot type letters in search which is why I bought the keyboard lol. Ridicolous bug, please update the Youtube application ASAP!

Same problem here. wireless mini keyboard. Different apps works with the remote, youtube app only the numbers, nog characters. Cause the mic function is terrible (really terrible) a wireless keyboard would be welcome

Seems logical....


I am having the same problem. I have Samsung NU6900 Series Smart TV and just bought a Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard ONLY to use with YOUTUBE application on the TV. You can type numbers 1234567890 and Enter, Spacebar, Delete, Arrows buttons are working BUT you CANNOT type Letters. 
Could you please explain If someone had this problem and find a solution?


Thank you.


Hi all.


We're sad to hear you're having problems with the You Tube keyboard. The use of the external keyboard is controlled by the YouTube App and is not a restriction applied by Samsung.

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