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Keyboard not working on smart Samsumg Youtube app


I've already tested multiple keyboards for the Youtube app in the Samsung Smart TV (MN : UE49MU6292) but it still doesnt work. The Youtube App seems to be the only one from all the TV apps that is incompatible with any wireless keyboard. Some of the keys like the arrows and 'enter' are working but not any of letters or numbers.

Can Samsung contact Youtube/Google for this sotware fixing issue?

(update: the BT App is also not working with a keyboard)


Ok, but this is a Samsung problem as well. I've purchased my Samsung TV with smart feature together with "recommended" Samsung Keyboard. I've noticed the YouTube app is not responsive to this keyboard, as well as embedded browser is very poor in control. We understand these apps maybe are not developed by Samsung. But we as customers who buyed all these products as advertised, we claim Samsung to be responsible with their Clients and check these compatibilities before selling products. Also we claim Samsung to push for an update all apps that are in incompatibility with their hardware otherwise they shouldn't be included in the "smart" package. 

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