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It is time for Dolby Vision!


Dear Samsung,


your HDR10+ alliance is breaking further apart and is at an end. 20th Century is giving up HDR10+, Disney is not interested either and is fully committed to Dolby Vision. Panasonic, co-founder of HDR10+, has also been open to the opening of Dolby Vision for some time now (with good reason).


In short, Dolby Vision is the clear winner! Why does Samsung refuse to open Dolby Vision? HDR10+ is at the end, as you can already see:


Netflix: No interest in HDR10+
Apple TV: Not interested in HDR10+
Disney: No interest in HDR10+
Prime Video: HDR10+ available, BUT 99% only HDR10 without dynamic metadata, Dolby Vision with full metadata available!

Ultra HD BluRays: Hardly any HDR10+ content, but extremely much Dolby Vision content. Soon there will be no more 4k BluRays anyway. Then everything will run via streaming.


In the end it is not comprehensible why Samsung is sticking with HDR10+. It's over. Dolby Vision is the clear winner, especially since Dolby Vision IQ has already been developed further.


If Samsung wants to attract new customers and retain old ones in the future, Dolby Vision must be introduced. What could Samsung not have for horny TVs, Q90r, Q85r, Q95T, Q90T etc. with Dolby Vision (and HDR10+). The perfect equipment for 4k content. If you continue to shut yourself off against it, I honestly see black.


I hope that when Dolby Vision is introduced, we old users with 2019/2018 QLEDs will also be considered. This is unfortunately not always the case with you Samsung.    


In this sense, it is high time for Dolby Vision on Samsung TVs. HDR10+ has (clearly) lost.    

(But probably Samsung is not interested in the opinion of its community and is probably too ambitious as HDR10+ developer to admit defeat)



Couldn't agree more. I was conned into buying a QE55Q7FN TV but now I find that to watch Netflix (4K) I have to do it via my old HD chromecast otherwise thie picture is so dark! No other fix has be forthcoming from Samsung! None of the YouTube presenters pointed out this problem in their reviews (poor show).


I wish I had bought another brand that does support Dolby Vision. 


Also the software is very poor and the problem of the bottom banner keeps showing up after the guide button has been pressed hasn't been fixed! Only happens after the Smart Hub button has been pressed. Before the Return button will return you to the TV program!


I fully agree.
I bought a Samsung 55RU7300 1 month ago
What a disappointment on Netflix. It's scandalous !
The image is dull and dark in 4k hdr. The image is correct only in 1080p without hdr.
I regret my purchase. Samsung does not respond to its community
samsung stays with its HDR10 + while everyone does not care. Apple or Netflix or Disney only focuses on Dolby Vision. 20th Century who enters the HDR10 + will perhaps react to Samsung ...

I agree. Q90 2019. We need DV.
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I totally agree with you.


I think it's essential that Samsung incorporate the Dolby Vision into their televisions.
I have a 65" LG OLED C7 and I just bought a Samsung 55Q80R for my bedroom.


I was quite happy (good blacks, good viewing angle, high brightness...) with the new TV (comparing it to the LG OLED), until I saw the content from Netflix, Apple TV and Disney + on Dolby Vision (on the Q80R this content is "only" seen on HDR).


The difference is abysmal, really. While with SD and HDR content, the QLED performs very well, when the content is DV the comparison with the LG is really unpleasant.


I will probably return the Q80R and exchange it for a SONY 55X9505G, which supports all formats, or if I find an offer, for a 55LG OLED C9.

If Samsung decided to rethink their attitude towards Dolby Vision and activate it on their high-end models of the last years, I would keep the Q80R without any doubt.

I'm in the market for a TV, I'm shocked samsungs TVs do not have Dolby Vision, LG's cheaper TVs have Dolby Vision. I also wish they would put 120hz/VRR/Freesync in their 49 inch QLED models.  The LG CX OLED is looking more like the right buy.

I'm about to buy an 75 inch panel for my Home cinema and was to go down the Samsung route but just seen the lack of support for Dolby Vision so for us we will look at Panasonic or Sony

I bought a q90 last years because of its thin profile and one connect. I didn't take oled because at my home with little kids we're not sure to make a good use and prevent "burns". But I knew Samsung didn't have dolby vision. I hope they retract and update 2-3 years old devices via firmware. 

Truly this sucks. 

I'm not in the market for another TV just yet as my KS8000 still going strong after 4 yaers.  However at some point I will replace.  I would buy another Samung in heart beat IF by then they support DV.  Otherwise I may have to play away!


there are some good comparison videos out there

Unfortunatly this one was not done on a samsung TV but you can get the idea of the differences


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