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connecting a samsung sound bar to a samsung smart tv

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I have resently purshaced a 55" qled smart tv QE55Q60RATXXU. I have tried connecting my HW-H550 to the tv via bluetooth but the TV can not see the device in its pair list. Other devices such as bose headphones connect perfectly.

Other devices such as tablets and phones also connect to the sound bar and tv with no problems.

how can I get the tv to see the soundbar?


Kevin Lee


Hey @kevinlee03 ,


that is odd! can I take the TV and soundbar software version? You can find the TV one from Settings> Support> About this TV.


To check the current firmware version on the soundbar, follow these steps:


1. Check to make sure the Soundbar is powered off.
2. Press and hold the Sound Control (On the right of the Sound Mode button) button on the Soundbar remote for more than 6 seconds.

Thanks for getting back to me. I tried  the instructions you gave me to try but I could not get it to do anything on my soundbar. I dont have a sound control button on my remote nor a sound mode button (remote number is AH59-026128). But I found that on the samsung site the latest version of the firmware for the HW-H550 was 1007.5 for usb instaltion. I downloaded this on to a usb stick and followed the instructions to upgrade the bar. It came up with 00% then said Done. It made no diference to being seen by the tv. Looking at the firmware in the tv it said the currunent  version is 1356. I also looked at the samsung Ssite for the latest file for my tv and it said it was 1356.2 from April 3rd this year. The tv was set to update automatically. So I think the latest is installed. What else can I try?

If you want to connect your soundbar via Bluetooth, first switch the soundbar to pairing mode by pressing the Pair button on the soundbar's remote control.

If you don't have the soundbar remote, don't worry. Just press the source button until the display says "BT." After a few seconds, the display will change to "BT Ready." When this happens, press and hold the source button until the display says "BT Pairing."

Once the soundbar is in pairing mode, use your TV remote to navigate to Sources, and then select Connection Guide. Select the device type you would like to pair, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it via Bluetooth.

You can also navigate to Settings, and select Sound. Next, select Sound Output, and then select Bluetooth Speaker List or Bluetooth Audio Device, depending on your TV model. Finally, select your soundbar. Now sound from the TV will be played through your soundbar.



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Thanks for the reply. I have a remote for the sound bar. Lookingon the web, it iseems to be the correct one for my sound bar. It does not have a pair button. AH59-026128 is the part number. Just as a recap, my bose head phones can connect to the tv. Many other devices I use can connect to the sound bar without haveing to set the bar into any sort of paring mode. I put the bar on to BT mode and it says BT ready. My privoius samsung tv found the bar on the Pired speaker list. Now all i see is my bose headphones are paired. they are powered off for these tests. So can I get a step by step guide to what I need to do with my model of sound bar to get it seen by my tv. All model numbers in the first email. 



I have the same issue. Was going to raise this separately but thought helpful to join this thread. I have just purchased a QE55Q90RATXXU and have a HWF551 Soundbar. Has always worked fine. With my previous Samsumg TV (2013) it paired as Soundshare and worked brilliantly - never had to use the soundbar remote. Soundshare no longer seems an option (which seems a retrograde step) so I thought I would just connect via BT. But same the TV can't see the soundbar. The TV will pair easily with my Skull candy headphones and my mobile will pair easily with my soundbar so both BT connections seem to be fine, but the TV just wont see it. Very frustrating and has left me disappointed with my new expensive TV!  Help?!

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Don't use BT source on this soundbar model because it's for mobile use, you should connect the SB via TV SoundConnect as the source.

 Hi, this is what I have done for now but this does not turn on the sound bar when i turn on the tv. when i had it connected to my older tv, the tv would tun on the soundbar. Also what do you mean by mobile? And if this should not be connected via BT why does samsung not tell me this in any way?

I've checked it from the manual. The correct way of connecting this model to the TV is via Soundconnect.
For you to switch both unit ON, you can try these steps:


Bluetooth Power On function
- The Soundbar will be powered on automatically when you turn the TV on if you connected the TV and Soundbar
with the SoundConnect function.
- You can toggle this function On/Off by pressing and holding the SOURCE button on the Soundbar remote for
more than 5 seconds when the Soundbar is powered off. If set to Off, the product turns off automatically when
the TV turns off, but it does not turn on automatically

thanks I will try it.

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