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HW-Q80R + MU7000 Atmos issues

(Topic created on: 24-01-2021 10:14 AM)

EDIT: bought an Nvidia Shield to be done with this issue and play Atmos content through Shield apps and Plex. This is no solution to the actual problem of Samsung not updating their apps on 2017, 2018 and perhaps even 2019 models. Meanwhile both Netflix and Samsung keep pointing fingers at each other, promising change, blaming each other 🤡👍


UE55MU7000 + HW-Q80R soundbar 

Newest updates for both. Updated manually. 


  • One connect box is connected to ARC port on the TV. Soundbar is connected to the one connect box ARC port.
  • Netflix and Amazon prime both will not show "Atmos" icon next to movies or series, only 5.1. Is this normal behaviour?
  • With Amazon Prime (watching Tom Clancy Jack Ryan for example) I am able to get the soundbar to recognize Dolby Atmos when setting the output mode in the TV to Dolby Digital+. The soundbar will then show "Dolby Atmos" on its display. The top speakers on the soundbar however seem to have no sound at all when Atmos is recognized. Edit: no sound from side speakers either. Not even at +6 volume. They work fine in normal surround mode and are very active, but I suppose they are copied of some other channel then. Although sometimes when listening closely, I wonder if they aren't actually a unique channel instead? Placebo probably.
  • Downloaded atmos demos ( to USB stick, connected to one connect box. Same story: Dolby Digital Plus will show "Dolby Atmos" on soundbar display, but no sound from top or side speakers on the soundbar. 
  • Additionaly, it's also really inconvenient how the output can revert back to "PCM" when Dolby Digital Plus was previously selected and the current source does not support DD+ (for example when going from Netflix to Youtube). I would think the TV would be smarter about this and just drop back to DD instead of PCM stereo. Or remember it on a per-app basis. Perhaps an oversight a future firmware update can fix? 


I have reset the TV app hub and the TV itself, started clean, no luck. Although before resetting the TV, I don't think I ever saw the soundbar display "Atmos".


I imagine it will, as there will be no delay in sending both video and audio to the TV and soundbar. The delay I think now is due to the TV not being able to process it fast enough sometimes.