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High Standby power NEO QLED 4K 55QN95B

(Topic created on: 09-11-2022 09:14 PM)

I bough  2 weeks ago a brand new NEO QLED 4K 55QN95B and als my TV showed some strange things the first week in use (beside the excellent oled image)

1. The reason why I bought this TV is its low powerconsumption at night (0,1 Wh), but unfortunately I measure it consumes 15,7Wh during standby, measured by my power measurement device. This is a poor and rather disappointing. deviation from Samsung specification and I seriously doubt the verification and validation of the end of line tests in the Samsung Manufacturing Facility to remove the faulty parts before assembling the customer ok part.

2. Sometimes the TV doesn’t startup after overnight standby. This is very poor. Also here I doubt the quality of the software in relation to the power electronics.


These are flagship technology’s used by Samsung which come with a high salesprice. I expect from Sansung an 8D report on this failing product.

In a couple of days the TV is replaced by another new one, if that is from the same production batch I doubt if the 2 above phenomenons are solved. 

I keep you updated.