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Freesat / free view connecting

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ive just purchase a 2019 Q85 and it has free view and Freesat built in, when I set it up I did connect both, to the terrestrial aerial and also the satellite dish. During the setup procedure I'm sure I had to pick one or the other and I picked terrestrial, but now wish I'd done satellite (as I have terrestrial tv through my talk talk box).

does anyone know how I can no


Probably you solved the problem...but for others who might stumble upon the same problem (as I did) just go to the auto tuning settings. Don't worry about losing the existing channels. Select that you want to scan the satellite and the (I think) last option is to replace (i.e. delete) the previously remembered channels or not. Something like that.


If you have a multi switch (multiple birds/satellites/LNBs and/or multiple outputs, i.e. TVs) you can (must?) play with the LNB (DiSeQc) settings too.


Hope that helps.

No I'm lost with my qe55q90r with the freeview Freesat set up , so I got rid of the sky box as this new tv had Freesat so I plugged in the two cables into the connect box and up to scanning you can pick terrestrial, cable , Freesat & satallite but you can only pick one but I want freeview & Freesat. But it's not possible to have both from what I can make out as if you scan for freeview then go to rescan for Freesat you lose all freeview channels ! And vise versa. Please help 😡

I got a q60t recently. You can have both satellite and terrestrial stations at the same time, the user interface is just a bit confusing. Go into auto tune, go to the aerial option, my default was terrestrial, hit the "middle" button between the up/down/right/left arrows on the remote and then you get the option to pick from terrestrial, satellite, cable. I had already scanned the terrestrial so I did the satellite channels. I thought the warning about erasing the already scanned channels would erase the terrestrial channels but it didn't. Once scanning is complete however I have to toggle on the remote using the channel list button to go between the terrestrial and satellite channels. That button is between the volume and channel up and down buttons. Once you get in there you get a few different options. One is to toggle between terrestrial and satellite channels. Navigation is a bit clunky. 

I haven't  figured out if you can create a single combined list yet which would be nice. 



How do I select both satellite and terrestrial, it only lets you select one or the other not both!



Me again, just found this reply on another topic:

If you press the Channel List button on your remote control, you should be given the option to switch the Aerial Type. This will allow you to switch between Freeview and Freesat. :smileyhappy:

Tried this on the normal remote and it works!

This was from a moderator KellyM.

Ha Ha, me again, just discovered if you hold down the ambient light button it also gives you the choice to switch.👍

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