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Frame 2020 32" - Bezel interferes with Art Mode

(Topic created on: 24-11-2020 01:25 PM)

Hi all!


So I have the 32", 2020 model of the Frame. Art Mode looks great, and it responds reasonably well to the light levels in the room when it's on Eco Mode (gets darker when the room is darker, brighter when the room is brighter).


But: once I install a bezel, that stops working. It no longer responds to changes in light conditions, and gets randomly brighter and darker. 


Seems like the ambient light sensor used for the Eco Mode is on the top of the little Samsung button on the left hand side of the TV, and the bezel covers it up. Which is kinda....ridiculous? Seeing as Samsung made the TV and the bezel...why don't they go together?


I can see a previous thread (2018) in which a similar issue is being discussed: 


> I've seen the thread about the sensor needing to sit proud of the bezel, but mine is and its still too bright.


I can't find the thread being referenced in that thread though. I'm not sure it would make a difference since it's pretty clear what the problem is.


I've contacted Samsung support via chat but they say they've never heard of this issue and have no solution to offer. 


Has anyone found a way round this?




So just to summarise my support journey:


 * Chat Support #1 - agent said the TV did not have ambient mode, I pointed out I wasn't talking about ambient mode but about art mode, agent repeated original statement - we went round in circles for a bit


 * Chat Support #2 - agent said this was an unknown issue, and would be escalated to 'senior technical support' who would call me (48 hours later, still no update and no way of following up - no reference number or contact details)


 * Phone Support #1 - they hung up/got disconnected


 * Phone Support #2 - they hung up/got disconnected


 * Phone Support #3 - said there was nothing they could do to help, and that I should return the TV to the retailer for a refund. When I pressed for more details - such as, where actually is the sensor for the brightness level in the room so that I can try and see how the bezel is interfering in it - they first said "oh it's just inside" and then "it's in the screen generally". When I said that didn't quite sound right to me, and maybe there was a second line technical support person I could speak to who was more familiar with this device, they said that tech support can only really help with software issues, and for hardware issues I'd need to speak to an engineer. They gave me a local phone number to call. When I called the number, the person I spoke to explained they were not in fact part of Samsung, but were a third party firm that dealt with out of warranty repairs, and they couldn't offer any support on the phone they could only book an engineer to visit at my expense.


What is going on with Samsung's tech support? Is there no-one on their side who knows how their TVs work?