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Flagship TV has a slope - Samsung Quality Control lacking & Samsung don't care

(Topic created on: 04-11-2022 11:18 PM)
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So Samsung sold me a 55" Q90T Flagship QLED 4K HDR Smart TV and it has a slope

I am getting nowhere with endless e-mails from (Samsung Customer Solutions); 

Samsung sent me a new tv stand, unsurprisingly that didn't fix the problem because it is a quality / manufacturing issue!

Flagship TV and Quality don't go hand in hand - or so it appears

I am also told that Samsung don't need to resolve this issue as the TV is out of warranty - this is now a legal problem as the issue was raised soon after purchasing the TV while the warranty was still in place.

I intend to escalate this to Samsung snr management once I track down their e-mails (happy if anyone can supply on this forum).

Issue ID: ********** & pictures below!!

Samsung told me my TV stand had a slope!Samsung told me my TV stand had a slope!Sprit level on top of flagship TVSprit level on top of flagship TVSamsung think a sloping TV is a cosmetic issue!!Samsung think a sloping TV is a cosmetic issue!!