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Firmware version 1602.2-November 2023 for 2022 NeoQLED and QLED TVs: BUGS and/or anomalies

(Topic created on: 09-11-2023 09:39 AM)

Hi all,

below are the bugs and/or anomalies I've found with this new firmware version compared to the previous (1520.7).
Feel free to add other problems you have encountered or post information/details useful to the discussion.

Thanks to @JAMES4578  here you can see the release notes for your TV's model: Tv Firmware ChangeLogs 
Hoping Samsung will quickly fix them in the next version...

1) EPG slow down: the TV guide (EPG: Electronic Program Guide), which was previously opening very fast in 1430.1, now every time it's launched it shows the screen ("Loading....please wait") for about 2-3 seconds before it opens....very annoying indeed.



2) Wrong or missing TV channel logos: additional problem on the EPG guide (but it also occurred in previous versions) is still: the EPG guide does not show all the logos of the TV stations, furthermore in many cases the logos shown refer to other channels (see highlights in the figure).



I've already tried a rescan and factory reset (several times) but the result does not change. Please note: compared to version 1520.7 the situation has improved but there are still a lot of channels without logos or with wrong logos.

3) Some (uninstallable) applications will not uninstall: some applications are not uninstalled (e.g., Twitch, N, Knox) despite the fact that it is possible and that the DELETE option is displayed and selectable. Each time the TV is restarted these reappear in the list of installed applications.


pic 1: Installed app list


pic 2: select deleteTwitch


pic 3: confirm


pic 4: Twitch deleted


pic 4: after TV reboot again Twitch in the list of apps

4)  Audio/Video disynchronization in HDMI-eARC with Samsung soundbar and SONOS beam:  switching between channels using the EPG or after  a while of use and changing channels several times, the soundbar (Samsung HW-H450) audio goes out of sync. Instead, Sonos beam loses synchronism after going into stand-by mode.
To restore proper audio/video synchronicity requires turning the TV off and on again.  Even using MUTE on and MUTE off resumes synchronisation between audio and video 




Still get this, Check device power, maybe 2-3 times a week even after checking all Cables are correct and inserted properly 




This picture incase it hasn’t popped up properly  


hellow all!


im having the new firmware since nov 7


i dont see many bugs only the issue with my xbox series x when starting uo a game sometimes i see the image check power blabla but this whas already when we bought this tv


my most frustrating thing is the motion on this tv its horrible on auto setting i have it set now on 2 blur reduction and 3 judder and its ok but far from good they need to fix this!!


what i noticed that was improved is that the tv when connected with an soundbar auto switch back from game mode with sound and that is great i mean by that game mode sound auto switch back to adaptive sound plus ( my setting) when stop with gaming


but yeah im not totally happy with this tv he was very expendsive but yeah far from good tv


greetzz vinn

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Currently on patch 1902.2 on my Samsung UE55BU8072UXXH. Whenever Pass-Through and E-ARC are both turned on absolutely no sound comes out of my soundbar. If one of those two is turned on and the other is turned off sound is able to play.

For lossless audio in combination with Dolby Atmos I need both turned on. Since the soundbar does support Dolby Atmos. But I can't since that completely stops any audio coming out of the soundbar. 

I hope this can be fixed soon


When troubleshooting with Sonos they asked me to try turning off pass through to see if the sync issue fixed itself, but my problem remained even with pass threw off and eARC on. I’m still convinced the issue is with Samsungs bad firmware releases.

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Since the auto update to 1602.2 was performed the TV has been experiencing several 'bugs' mostly to do with recording to the ssd ; if I select a program to record from the epg it's added to the schedule and at the correct time it starts recording, at the end of the program the TV continues to record, 11hrs 11mins is the record so far. Also if several programs are added to the schedule that are 'series' I get a pop up message saying 'too many reservations' if I try to manually add another recording to the recording schedule, I spoke to Samsung tech support and they said the TV could only take 30 scheduled recordings, I have a screen shot of the TV showing zero scheduled recordings and the pop up message saying 'too many reservations'
A big annoyance is having to continually select the sort order of the recordings that I have on the ssd from 'name' to 'date' which resets back to 'namr' every time, grrrrr
Another thing is adding inputs to the home list, if I add the ssd to the home list bar if I go back to the home screen a little later it's no longer there but at the bottom of the screen where it was before I moved it.
I'm patiently waiting for an update to fix these bugs/issues as speaking to them doesn't seem to produce any solutions.

I noticed that when you first press the “Source” button on the BN59-01315N remote control, a window similar to the home screen immediately opens on the entire screen, but it is all black, there is no information and icons on the right side (everything is black), although when you press this button it should A menu appears at the bottom of the screen with a choice of sources. After leaving this black menu and pressing the “Source” button again, everything opens normally, as it should be, at the bottom of the menu with a choice of sources. TV QE55QN90B. Firmware 1602.02. I think this is a software problem.


Q80B firmware version 1602.2

local dimming messed up, unable to switch between low / standard / high on all picture modes. Either standard + high available or low + standard available.

Having halo problems that weren’t there originally.

Unable to change contrast enhancer in movie or film maker modes

Brightness of tv has reduced, used to be set around 12-14 for dark room viewing, now have to set to 25+

iPlayer messed up, keeps crashing and HLG content now so dim have stopped using the app

General picture quality has reduced, now more blurry and grainy.

Latest update has ruined my tv which is only 5 weeks old !!

Samsung need to address as a matter of urgency, not fair to retailers when we return these tv’s due to Samsungs ‘down grade’ updates !!


Blooming over subtitle on samsung Q80B tv is catastrophic with new firmware as if local dimming is not turned on.
The led bulb control is out of control, with the last firmware it was much better.
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L'aggiornamento 1602.2 ha migliorato la definizione dell'immagine ma la calibrazione è peggiorata i colori troppo saturi soprattutto il rosso. 

Meglio non aggiornate soprattutto anche 1502 ha ridotto la luminosità in HDR. 

Grazie ora bisogna sperare in un nuovo aggiornamento che modifica filmmaker in una calibrazione professionale visto le grandi potenzialità del tv OLED sb95.