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My Samsung Smart TV UE46EH5300 suddenly refused to connect to the internet, displaying the error message ERROR_MODEL_BIND. What should I do?

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If you go to the Software update option while using certain apps, it may not be available. Turn off the TV and try again.


You can also update the TV software manually:

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Hi , I'm facing the same issue. If you can assist please 


Hi there,


My model is from 2012 (Series 5 46inch (UA46EH5306)) and this is what I have found after so many hours of trial and error 🙂 Finally mine is back to normal and everthing is working pefectly! The model does not really matter but just mention it for clarity.


My Smart Hub stopped working since my Samsung Dongle failed months ago. After many failed attempts to sort it out, I ended up using Dlink powerline to get hardwired internet connection (Ethernet cable) since my Router was far away.


For Error_exe_001 and other message about not being able to connect to server (don't remember the exact message), you will need to do the following. In my case, this was due to an older version of Smart Hub and updating Smart Hub is not straightforward.


1. Go to 'Software Update' and it gives you few options like By USB, Online, By Channel and ‘Alternative Software’. This is where I was going wrong by selecting Online and it kept telling me the version is up-to-date. Since I could not find the latest for my model on Samsung website, I could not simply update my Smart Hub Software. If you could find a new version then you could simply download it on to a USB and update it.


It never occurred to me that 'Alternative Software' option meant that a different version of Smart Hub (albeit a new version) – not a user friendly caption though. When I finally clicked on it and proceeded to upgrade, my Smarthub started to work and everything is back to normal.


Happy to share my findings as it took me hours of mucking around to get it to work. Good luck.

Pls see my latest post for more information. Looks like you might have the same model from 2012 like me (Series 5 46inch (UA46EH5306)) so this is what I have found after so many hours of trial and error 🙂
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Minha TV não conecta a internet. Apresenta erro_model_blind . O que fazer?


Try the fix given here to solve Error Model Bind error on your Samsung TV.


@Caiocasnog  I would advise you to try advice on this thread, solution for many was to download the latest firmware  (the solution)which may be need to via USB.Information can be found on the Samsung support site.


other ideas are :

  Smart Hub Reset,  Soft Reset of the TV (Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset)

  Reset Router

Change the DNS Servers (Menu -Network - Network Settings - IP Settings -DNS settings - Enter Manually.  Enter or - Save. 

Try with both wired LAN /Wi-Fi


I had the same issue and I had to reset both Smart Hub and the TV to factory defaults. Once I did that it allowed me to do a complete upgrade of the television firmware. Once that was complete SmartHub updated and all is well. Model was an un40eh5300f. This tv initally kept giving me an error of network_bind and/or network_update_111.

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