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“Check Device - Recording and Timeshift are unavailable.

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Hi, I’m having problems with my Samsung TV showing the message “Check device - Recording and Timeshift are unavailable, Makre sure your external USB hrs drive is properly connected to the TV and try again”. 


Nothing is connected to the USB drive, I don’t record or use Timeshift. I can’t change the channel, change my volume, access the TV guide nothing. I’ve turned the TV on and off at the mains but nothing. I can’t check if the TV software is up to date as I can’t get past the message. Does anyone know what I should do? It’s very frustrating. 

Hi @CathJ83

Please can you confirm the model number of your TV, found on a sticker on the back of the device? If you press the menu button on the remote, are you able to access the 'Settings' of the TV when it is switched on?
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