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Vertical strips of brighter image (Samsung TV issue)

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I'm looking for some help with my Samsung TV (UE40MU6100K). I'm not even sure if this is an actual fault but I've started to notice a vertical line on the left of the screen where the image is slightly brighter than the rest of the screen.


This isn't always noticeable but seems to be stronger on darker images. I've tried to take some photos (running PS4 Pro) but it's a little hard to make out:
















You can just about make it out here to the left of where the gold band is.


Could anyone tell me if this is a genuine fault that I should be worried about, or just something that I should expect for this model?


Thanks :smiling-face:


From what I can make out, I think it's along the similar lines of my panel but less in the edge, mine is on every source and most colours (hence why that's annoying to me) does yours do it in every source ? Is it in all colours or just the simails pallet to the picture

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