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Audio pops while using Hdmi connections

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Reposting this since I didn't get any answers


Hey so I've had a pretty annoying issue for the last 3 months on two different TVs of the same model. I have the uhd NU6950 and have only been using the tv speakers, no soundbar or anything. Every few minutes there's a hiccup in the audio, best described as a complete drop of sound for a milisecond. There's no sound distortion, it's like more like a vinyl pop with no sound. So far I've only found this problem with hdmi inputs, so naturally I have tried new cords, I even bought brand new ones and the problem occurs with the cord that came with the tv. After a few months I returned the tv and got a new model... same exact issue. I tried factory reset and nothing, it still persists. It happens when connected to my switch and computer, so I doubt it's a problem with either one. Samsung support didn't help very much either. 

Is there anyone who has/had a similar problem and has a fix? 


Hey @Soysauce98! Are you still having issues with this or you managed to sort it? 

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I have the same issue with a new Samsung Q90... something about that OneConnect box is a mess when it comes to digital audio out. There is obviously some issue with sync/timing of digital audio output. It happens to me for both HDMI ARC and TOSLINK


Yes I have similar issue with clipping audio from hdmi soutces

I still have an issue with clipping audio from hdmi sources

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