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Apps storage space issue

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TV: UE55 NU7500

I'm not sure whether this is a general Samsung issue or just to do with my TV, but the amount of space allocated to the Smart Hub apps seems to be seriously lacking.


As this is a new TV I thought I'd explore some of the available apps, but when I went into the Apps area I got a message saying that there was insufficient space to update apps. This was before I had downloaded anything, so it would purely apply to the pre-installed apps. 


I checked settings and the used space was 751MB with 64MB available, i.e. 7%. This seems absurd as these apps can't be deleted and are built into the system. The available space doesn't even allow them to be updated. I then tried resetting Smart Hub. This has helped to an extent as the available space is now 13%. However, it's still far too low and whenever I try and download a new app I get a warning about available space.


I can't believe that the pre-installed apps are taking around 700MB of space, and it seems crazy that Samsung would design the system this way. Presumably I will have to install an SD card to provide more space for the apps?

Any tips welcome as this is my first Samsung TV.

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Thanks for posting this Tony. Has anyone given it a try?

What a world we live in when owners have to create their own software to sort issues out on new expensive tvs...



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I know, it's completely absurd. 🙄


I hope it works, even though it's only a workaround. I suspect it won't though, unless the TV is stopped from updating the firmware ever again.

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I bought a TV UE65NU7400 towards the end of 2018 for £999 from John Lewis. Later I got it price matched to £939.

I first contacted John Lewis about the issue about 7 months later and they referred me to Samsung and they wanted me to wait for an update, it is a software issue, it is not covered etc. etc. like the things they say to the people when they first contact them. Samsung remote connected and made a hard reset on the tv. After that I waited for a few months and contacted them again saying please refund me as it is still the same and they agreed to send an engineer to fix the issue. They also promised me to refund the tv if I can prove the tv has a hardware issue. I was busy the day engineer arrived and my wife let him change the mother board on the TV. (I asked my wife not to let him do that but she had to take care of our baby while the engineer was "looking" at the tv).

They also reset the tv so the issue wasnt there immediately after but slowly memory space was getting low again. After a a couple of months, it got the same issue again and decided to reset it again and use a usb stick etc which only solved the issue temporarily. By that time, coronavirus started to happen and I decided I wont be letting anyone coming to my house so I decided to wait until lockdown pass etc. 


I have contacted John Lewis last month again about the issue as I have seen people got refunded on this forum. I also mentioned that they promised to take back the TV if it is a hardware issue but they didnt hold up to their promise. It was on the phone when they promised that. Anyways, after several discussions, I mentioned the 2015 consumer act and they wanted to send a second engineer to check if I am telling the truth about the issue still being there. As I expected the engineer arrived and wanted to hard reset the tv. I told him I have reset it several times already. He then said without me saying anything, "yeah it comes back after a while isnt it". Then he suggested a flash disk and I said I tried that and he again "yea it only install certain apps to the usb stick so the problem would be still there". I asked him what the problem is and he said "there is not enough space on the tv and changing the main board wouldnt fix it" and he also said "there is only limited things I can write on the report".  He told me he is aware that the TV has a design problem and unless you can increase the memory space on the main board, nothing will be fixing it. He again didnt mention that on the report. He was there to confirm if the issue is still there as John Lewis said.

After 1 and half hour on the telephone John Lewis told me that they will be refunding me 2/3 of the money. Whie on the phone, I asked them why and the support member said that it is because the value of the tv is that amount now. I refused. After that, I received an email saying it is 2/3 of the price because I used it 24 months and consumer act covers me for 72 months so it is 24/72 = 2/3 of the initial price. I told them that I was complaining about this issue since the 7th month and they said, they can only take the time into account when I mentioned The Consumer Act 2015 which is 24th month. I refused it. They had several phone calls, emails trying to convince me to take it but I refused as their calculation didnt make sense to me. They numerously told me that it is the law that 24/72 would be the final amount, and when I asked about the law they are referring, they again said calculation is not written anywhere.

Throughout almost all my emails, I kept repeating I was sold a TV that does not fit into the description of a Smart TV.

Finally, I told them if they are willing to take this matter to an "alternative dispute resolution scheme" they responded saying;

"I appreciate your are not satisfied with our response however,You've asked about Online Dispute Resolution, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Whilst you're welcome to pursue this, at John Lewis we're confident in our complaints process. I confirm we don't subscribe to this service, and won't discuss this matter with anyone other than yourself."

I am not sure, they will be respecting a decision made by an ADR as I found this answer from them a bit shady as all their responses in the pass, but I will not be stopping until I get a result. I just want to make sure that I have exhausted all my ways before applying to the small claims court.

Anyone have idea if I can use an ombudsman or Alternative Dispute Resolution if they disagree?

I also used "" to get help on their chat about my emails. It is a great source.





Surely with so many Samsung TV users having the same issues, Samsung should release a software patch to allow removal of this bloatware? 


I mean 1GB in 2020 is ridiculous to start with but these are mainstream TVs, I cant comprehend why we are even having to have this conversation with them.


Has anyone contacted Watchdog?


So this issue is still rumbling on!  I am one of the people who received a full refund, not from my retailer but from the Credit Card Company i used to purchase making a section 75 claim .

My circumstances were unusual, living in Greece but buying with a UK Credit Card.

My Greek retailer was very unhelpful so i contact the card company stating my reason for asking for a refund.

They were very helpful and my claim was completed in 2 weeks paid in full for the TV.

John Lewis have featured many times on here probably due to the amount of sets they have sold,  in the early days they always paid up..... eventually!!!

Please read from about page 135 and you will gain valuable knowledge  into peoples efforts getting a refund.

Pleas let us know how you get on, it's important to keep this sight going for the benefit of all.



I have now tried this software engineers app, my 55" NU7400 tv has latest 1310.4 firmware, the whole process seems to work but as soon as I restart the tv the deleted apps come back and no memory is gained 😞

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Thanks for trying. I thought that might be the case. The engineer was suggesting using another app called Pi-hole to block communication with the Samsung servers, once you'd deleted the built-in apps. That should stop the auto-download.


The trouble with that is that you can no longer update the firmware, which is a security risk. Pi-hole also looks more complicated to install:


Hey. I'm the author the app.

Yes, I know - but only if Samsung servers will denied with PiHole it could be deleted forever yes and need to delete it a few times (3-6, last time I deleted it after 3 days at all with worked PiHole). Because all applications after update TV or apps store in TV and could to return even if full disconnect TV from internet, I don't know which place Samsung uses for store the files for full remove the files from TV, I know only location for apps which I develop, but is different locations for apps from store and apps from developer.

Anyway my app can help to delete all apps and release a bit more memory to update TV or other apps if a user has the issue about storage. It works already for 3 peoples as I know.


This is a Samsung forum. There are hundreds of posts on this thread.  Thousands and thousands spent on their products and not one response from the company 😞


Agree Samsung response to this problem all along has been to delay. Telling people a future update would fix it or coming up with a workaround that no one ever believed would work. The set now is coming up to 3 years old so i guess they hope people will loose interest or for them to tell customers the warranty has expired.

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