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Apps storage space issue

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TV: UE55 NU7500

I'm not sure whether this is a general Samsung issue or just to do with my TV, but the amount of space allocated to the Smart Hub apps seems to be seriously lacking.


As this is a new TV I thought I'd explore some of the available apps, but when I went into the Apps area I got a message saying that there was insufficient space to update apps. This was before I had downloaded anything, so it would purely apply to the pre-installed apps. 


I checked settings and the used space was 751MB with 64MB available, i.e. 7%. This seems absurd as these apps can't be deleted and are built into the system. The available space doesn't even allow them to be updated. I then tried resetting Smart Hub. This has helped to an extent as the available space is now 13%. However, it's still far too low and whenever I try and download a new app I get a warning about available space.


I can't believe that the pre-installed apps are taking around 700MB of space, and it seems crazy that Samsung would design the system this way. Presumably I will have to install an SD card to provide more space for the apps?

Any tips welcome as this is my first Samsung TV.

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Can i ask, you say you had the TV for 5 months and the issue started to appear, have you been downloading any apps? I am happy with the apps i have and have no plans to download anymore, i have 180mb free, and this should be enough for future updates...


I am worried that this error might happen to me even if i dont download any more apps

Lol exactly. Can't they just write a report as my Repair Company did, and say TV to be replaced for you?

Hiya, to be honest I would push for a different model like I have. I can almost guarantee that you will sadly run into this issue soon. The sooner you get this fixed, the easier it'll be for you, honestly. It is really annoying, but I guess this is how it is. 


I didn't download any apps no. Just went ahead and used what was on it. 

I totally get what you are saying but its a bit difficult for me as i have not actually had a error yet, if you see what i mean?

I understand. It really is up to you, I cannot say. I guess you're OK for now, and I hope it continues to be that way for you :smiling-face:

How much free memory did you have ? 

@chrisnewton wrote:

I totally get what you are saying but its a bit difficult for me as i have not actually had a error yet, if you see what i mean?

As you've only got 180MB of free space you are definitely liable to experience the error and I would have thought that a photo of the free and available space in the apps settings would be proof enough, as this issue is now known.


As we said last night, you might well be ok if you don't download any more apps but that's not certain. The poster above only experienced the issue recently on a 5-month old TV with no additional apps, so that implies that the apps update cache doesn't clear or overwrite itself when they do their monthly auto update. I experienced it after one month as I had downloaded quite a few additional apps, not realising the space was so scarce.

Wow so they send out techs to replace the mobos or RMA the TV's, when i suspect a firmware/software fix would cure the issue completely. All they need to do is modify it so the user can remove all the inbuilt/unwanted apps and fix the random freespace issue. I'm convinced this could be fixed in software.

@ArtofMotion wrote:

Thank you, it helps to know that I'm/we're not alone out here with this issue! 


My retailer is AO - Appliance Online. I only found out this week regarding the storage issue, and to be honest, I have not stopped pestering. No joke. I didn't stop lol. I must have burnt the ears off (in a nice way), the reps at AO.


I didn't take no for an answer, and I was getting concerned that it wouldn't be fixed as after 6 months of ownership, (according to the Customer Rights Act 2013), it would be me that would have to prove that the issue exists, not Samsung. I'm two weeks away from this deadline, so I'm pushing like hell. I've been told by AO that I'm 'close to having this issue resolved', and that I need to just 'wait till tomorrow morning for the report to go to Samsung'. 


AO will then call Samsung, get the report from them, and Samsung will provide an Access Code for the TV to be replaced and collected. I hope this helps outlining this for you. I wouldn't stop pestering JL at all. Be polite yet firm and you should be OK! 

Thanks for this, and I shall certainly be calling JL tomorrow. Was your technician appointed by AO or someone you called in independently? 

I agree but they are probably paid by the service providers to distribute the ***** but some clever bod at Samsung should have spotted 90% of internal storage is taken up by this guff!


Another way would be to allow the TV to write to USB storage for APPS not just read apps stored on USB into the internal storage.


Another way would be the have a cleanup utility to clear caches and un-needed files and non-mandatory apps.


I would personally remove everything except PLEX, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Spotify.

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