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AirPlay 2 problem


Hello, sorry for my English. After connecting to tv and copy the code from the writes to me ,,unable to connect to ...” why? App Apple TV is fine, but airplay on iPhone and MacBook has a problem. Please help me ..






You have some update information ? Thx 


Hi @Lik3th4t 

not for the moment



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I have the same problem. I thought it was a problem with my TV model, but I made sure it worked on the same model that other people had.
So, I thought about whether it was an iPhone problem, but the same symptoms were found in other iPhones, Macs and iPads.

I inquired into Apple and Samsung but couldn't solve them. However, Samsung said it will make an update around the end of May, but I don't have much trust because it is probably the wrong explanation to inform of this update.

Because the answer is that airplay will be activated through the next update that will be released at the end of May.
It is questionable whether he gave an answer with the right knowledge.

Most of us are already active and the problem is that we can't connect.

I've also tried several options for key generation in an already active airplay setting on TV.

I thought it was a problem with setting up a network share, so I tried everything I could think of, including wireless connection, wired connection, 2GHz, 5GHz mode, network initialization, and replacement to another network shareer.
I think maybe it's because of an unexpected problem, but now I can't think of any more experimental methods to solve it.

As Samsung said earlier, it will be updated at the end of May and I think we should wait until then, hoping that the update will solve the problem. But as I said earlier, I wonder if the update will be made.


Hello leehi,

I’m glad to speak with someone exactly in the same situation. I’ve called apple and Samsung too and made the same tests as you...

I don’t know really who talked about an incoming update and I don’t really trust on it.

But I hope the next firmware after 1251.0 will help us, but when...?

i can’t understand why some people with same models works and not us...

I keep on looking for a solution 🤞


Thx guys!! It's not just my problem. It must samsung solve it.. i belive it. I was looking forward to it for months 😞 The problem will be in the software.. I hope not in a few pieces of TV.


Hello vince034


I asked again for a detailed answer to the plan for the updates I mentioned earlier. I'm expecting an answer after the weekend, and if I get one, I'll share it here again. But before that, I hope there's another solution to the problem.


I’m supposed to have an answer from apple and Samsung in a few days... let’s share our experiences...

what is strange is that another tester in exactly same situation just told me he tested again and suddenly it worked... just as if an update solved his problem...



I need help here. My issue is that I cannot get my Samsung Q6F to appear in my Airplay selection lists. I have TV and iPhone connected to same WiFi network, but I can’t get them to connect to each other. Please help.


Do you have a q6f 2018 and can you see AirPlay settings on your tv?


Yes, I can see AirPlay settings on the TV. I purchased the TV brand new about 2 months ago, so it’s at least a 2018 (I don’t know if there is a 2019 version). I’m 100% positive that it is enabled for AirPlay 2. I just don’t get the TV as an option for AirPlay when I try to open on my iPhone.

Thanks for your responding!


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